Category III Film “The Gigolo” Tops Hong Kong Box Office

Wong Jing (王晶) has proved again that he understands what it takes to make a blockbuster Category III movie. His latest sensual offer, The Gigolo <鴨王>, is currently the number one film at the Hong Kong box office. In its first four days of release, it has already earned $3 million HKD.

Dominic Ho (何浩文) stars as a gigolo eager to please his clients, even willing to serve as a human sushi platter. Former Miss Hong Kong participant Candy Yuen (袁嘉敏) makes her first onscreen nude appearance. Jeana Ho (何佩瑜), Hazel Tong (唐紫睿), and Fan Ling (樊玲) round up the supporting cast.

Prior to the film’s release, video clips and stills of Candy Yuen’s nude scenes in The Gigolo were leaked on the Internet. With the film gaining greater publicity, viewers flocked to theaters to see the full-length feature.

Director Au Cheuk Man (區焯文) and the cast held multiple events around Hong Kong to thank fans for their support of the film. Regarding the phenomenal performance of a Category III film during this time of year, Dominic said he is anticipating the moment when the film reaches the $10 million HKD mark. “For a Category III film to do so well in the box office, it definitely makes people want to jump for joy. In terms of how to thank the fans – I want to take part in doing a body sushi event with the director and Jeana!”

Jeana Will Kiss Candy to Kill Rumors

While the cast appeared to be friendly with each other in front of the camera, Candy and Jeana allegedly did not get along since the beginning of the production. Although Candy admitted to have zero interaction with Jeana outside of filming, Jeana denied they had a poor relationship. To prove that there is no bad blood between them, Jeana boldly promised, “I will kiss Candy and the rest of the female cast members!”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I notice most of HK movie that top box office mostly sexual theme?..

    1. I think people must be really sexually repressed or something :/

      1. For the most part IMO, HK music is dead. If it wasn’t for Khalil Fong, Lee Hom Wang, Jay Chou and then from a singing standpoint, Alfred and Hins, there would not be anything of high quality for listening pleasure. All I listen to in my car is pretty much old skool Alan Tam, Edmond Leung, Grasshopper, Anita and Chris Wong. WHERE ARE THOSE DAYS????

    1. hk movies like these has always existed, there were even more in the 80s and 90s! hk music in the past are mostly cantonese versions of foreign songs like japanese. i don’t understand why people get so blinded by nostalgia sometimes.

      1. ‘hk music in the past are mostly cantonese versions of foreign songs like japanese’

        That’s because up until recently the HK music industry had paid hefty royalties to Japanese artists for recycling the melody of their compositions into new canto-pop songs. It signifies there been a dearth of creative force in HK.

        Many in a prior article had questioned why Jay Chou has become so famous/influential in C-Pop; well, let say that he and Lee Hom Wang are the only two creative forces in the industry.

      2. 90s the HK music was so successful because of the songs. If without those song, it just like what happens nowadays. So who to be blamed? song composer? producer? There are more uselss than last time? LOL.

        BTW jay chou/lee Hom can be so popular because of the same reason as well. Singing skills wise but without good songs, no way you can be popular.

  2. Now this is what HK box office is all about. The “most revered” director in HK is back to top form.

    HK$3 million in 3 days! Wait, that’s only US$389 thousands. At least the camera crew will get paid.

    Can’t wait for his version of TITS: it will be the real McCoy. LMAO!

    1. You obviously don’t understand how the hk film industry works.

      Wong Jing is actually quite a smart businessman when it comes to making low budget films. They cost $5 million and under to produce. Add in DVD/blu-ray sales, TV rights sold to the local cable movie channels, and foreign box office in Malaysia (where his films are oddly popular), he makes a decent profit for his crap movies.

    2. You appear to have been confused by my corny sarcasm.

      I was merely taking shot at the article which had made the film out to be a world-class blockbuster.

      FYI, I am quite aware of the HK film industry’s modus operandus of making them cheaply and cranking them out quickly. It perfectly embodies the connotation of the old colloquial term “made in HK” from a bygone era.

  3. Is this the Chinese version of magic mike 2? Watch the trailer for that and let me know.

    1. haven’t watched the trailer but MM would be considered a cat 3 film.

  4. Is it really such a surprise? Sex sells. R rated films in America top the box office all the time. Just wait and see what happens with Fifty Shades of Grey.

  5. What happen to the HK people? A 3 rated category movie topped the chart?

  6. So, how can i watched it ? did you the link to watch ? If you have, please give me.Thankyou

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