Dominic Ho Turned Down a Six-Figure Job for His Girlfriend

Before The Gigolo <鴨王> actor Dominic Ho (何浩文) became a household name, he was better known for his prolific relationships early on his career. Last year, the 30-year-old started dating his label mate, model Natalie Fong (方敏婷), who previously participated in ViuTV’s pageant reality show The Queen of D.n.A <美選D.n.A>. The couple has been in a stable relationship for the past year and views each other as marriage partners, hence Dominic readily sacrificed a six-figure advertising job for Natalie.

Earlier, Natalie’s father suddenly passed away in Mainland China, and because it was so sudden, she was at a loss. Dominic stepped up as the quasi-son-in-law to help her deal with everything, including contacting friends familiar with the laws in Mainland. He even declined a great job opportunity to accompany his girlfriend.

In an interview, Dominic admitted to helping Natalie through a dark time and said, “Something came up in her family so, of course, I tried my best to help as her boyfriend.”

When he was asked if he sees her as his marriage partner, Dominic expressed, “It’s very comfortable being with her and we communicate well, so that is my end-goal, but I want to work hard for my career and achieve results first.”

As for Natalie, she praised Dominic for being reliable. “He met a lot of my relatives, and they all have a good impression of him,” she shared. “But I’m not going to give him a perfect score yet to leave room for improvement!”

Recently, the couple was spotted jogging along the waterfront, and he was seen trying to make her laugh by throwing punches in the air. Natalie seemed to be in good spirits but got tired after 30 minutes of running. Dominic immediately piggybacked her and bought her a bottle of water to quench her thirst. Sharing the drink, Natalie thoughtfully wiped away his sweat for him.

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