Samantha Ko Praises Charmaine Sheh’s Performance in “Bet Hur”

The following article contains spoilers for Bet Hur, ending on August 4, 2017.

Bet Hur <賭城群英會> has dropped another shock to its viewers this week, as another major character gets brushed off the table top. Following the deaths of Sze-dan Gor and Sap-sam Mui (portrayed by Nat Chan 陳百祥 and Monica Chan 陳法蓉 respectively) comes another unfortunate character death.

In the latest episode of the gambling drama produced by Wong Jing (王晶), Scott (portrayed by Dominic Ho 何浩文) marries To Sing’s (portrayed by Lau Siu-ming 劉兆銘) granddaughter Dorothy (portrayed by Louisa Mak 麥明詩) to get even closer to the family, avenging for his master’s death. To Sing, not wanting the wedding to be disrupted, gathers some assassins to kill Scott’s true love Siu-pak (portrayed by Samantha Ko 高海寧). Siu-pak immediately calls Scott for help, but assassins got to her before he could could take any action. Siu-pak falls to her death. Scott does not find out about her death until after he watches the news. He struggles to contain his tears as he hides his grief and pain from the To family.

Siu-tung (portrayed by Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼), Siu-pak’s sijeh, witnesses her death. She rushes to Siu-pak’s dead body, face wrecked with tears, and pleads for passersby to call the police. Netizens hailed the scene as yet another “god-level” Charmaine performance.

Even Samantha Ko herself took to social media to express her thoughts about Charmaine’s performance. “Even though it’s through the screen I could still feel Siu-tung’s pain,” she wrote on Instagram. “[I’m] crying alongside as I watch!”


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  1. Standards are pretty low these days, especially for TVB series. Gotta dial down the expectations hence this is god level of acting. Anyone better will be above god and that is.. supernova?

  2. There’s no doubt that Charmaine Sheh is a good actress, but this is going a little too far to call it “god-level”. She’s definitely had better crying performances.

  3. Great cast ! But unfortunately this series is a total dump ! Draggy and very silly plot lines. Such a waste of charmaine’s appearance in a TVB drama! As well as all the other Vets!

  4. Good casts but a weak storyline…draggy series of course.

    Louisa Mak’s acting is also unbearable. I remembered after the beauty pageant that she won, she once arrogantly said that the viewers will see the “real me” (supposed to be the better sides of her) if she had the opportunity to appear on screen again. She shouldn’t have been over confidence of herself. I rather watch Grace Chan and Sisley Choi over her…lol.

  5. Considering most of the artists at TVB can’t act these days, anyone that can act decently is considered god-level acting at TVB these days. How sad!

    1. @anon Yup, so true! Such a waste of acting talent (mostly referring to the veterans). Thankfully the series will be over soon!

      Oh, by the way, did you guys hear the news about TVB investing $100 million into Ron Howard’s production company Imagine Entertainment? Details aren’t out yet but there will supposedly be some joint ventures in both movies and TV series that they will be collaborating on (not to mention TVB also has exclusive distribution rights for all of Imagine’s content across Asia). So it looks like we will start to see TVB-fused movies and TV shows in Hollywood soon…argh. Given TVB’s lousy quality these days, definitely not looking forward to their “imprint” on Imagine Entertainment, which has produced a lot of great movies and TV series over the years. I guess this also means that TVB will be investing even less time and money into the HK market, since dividing their time between Mainland China and Hollywood is enough to keep them busy I’m assuming….

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