Dominic Ho is Thankful for Kent Cheng’s Guidance

In the new TVB drama I Bet Your Pardon, Dominic stars as a headstrong character who sticks to his own guns – rather different from the actor in real life.

Despite his family background, Dominic Ho (何浩文) did not pursue a career in the education sector and set his eyes on the entertainment industry instead. Dominic’s father is Ho Chun Yip (何振業), who worked as the Chief Curriculum Development Officer in the Education Bureau, while his mother was a high school teacher before their retirements. After Dominic graduated from high school, he studied in England before returning to Hong Kong.

Entering the industry in 2008 under the boyband Bro 5, Dominic later turned to acting and appeared in TVB dramas Love Kickoff <南華夢飛翔>, Bet Hur <賭城群英會>, and the currently airing I Bet Your Pardon <荷里活有個大老千> . Signing with Wong Jing (王晶) in 2014, Dominic’s signature film role has been in the Category III film franchise The Gigolo <鴨王>.

Ambitious About Career; He Doesn’t Fear Hardship

Claiming that he does not fear hardship, the actor thinks that “sleeping is a waste of time” and as for food, he feels it is best enjoyed with family.

“I don’t like sleeping and find spending seven to eight hours in bed a waste of time. Just let me nap a while and I’d be ready to start work again! Now that my parents have retired, the responsibility of repaying housing debts should fall on me,” he said.

Dominic also shared his method of improving himself in his work, “I set a target to strive towards, and then raise it again and again after achieving the previous goal. In the new year, I hope to sleep less, haha!”

Although he appears conscious about fashion and trends, Dominic is in fact very practical and filial. Wrapping up his filming in Hengdian while filming a Qing dynasty drama, he said, “I will be able to go back to Hong Kong for Lunar New Year after a few more days of shooting! The Chinese have many festivals and reunion dinner; I think all these are a great chance and excuse to spend time around a huge round table. Food is of secondary importance compared to the kinship we get to enjoy! As I grow older, the more I try to spend festivities with my family, and appreciate the time we have together.”

Benefits from Collaboration with Veteran Actors

The 30-year-old actor is inspired by the powerful performances of veteran actors on the set of his new TVB drama, I Bet Your Pardon. Sharing about the filming of the drama, Dominic added that he has many scenes together with Kent Tong (湯鎮業) and Kent Cheng (鄭則士), who impressed him with their ability to get into character in an instant. “They would be chatting lightheartedly, but as soon as the camera starts rolling, their onscreen presence and concentration would be turned on immediately!”

Kent Cheng, whom he calls Kent Gor, has become both a mentor and friend to him, who would selflessly give him pointers during their filming. “Many say that Kent-gor is a stringent person, but I don’t feel that way at all. His nickname is ‘talkative senior’ and mine is ‘talkative guy’, haha!” shares Dominic, who has also struck up a good camaraderie with younger artistes James Ng (吳業坤) and BabyJohn (蔡瀚億) as well.

Levels Up on Emotional Scenes

“(My character) He Jia Jun doesn’t need to care about how others view him, but as an actor at this stage I will regularly check on what netizens are saying about me. I can’t just ignore criticism!” Dominic shares candidly.

Acting with veterans like Kent Cheng has made it easier for Dominic to get into the emotional scenes. “I always feel that men should not tear up easily, so even when my grandfather passed away 10 years ago, I did not shed a tear but went around to console others. All along, I did not cry naturally when filming sad scenes, but this time I did not have to use eye drops or build up my emotions to scream angrily. It was quite unexpected.”

This might be to Kent’s credit, as the latter had shared with him his observation from years of experience that acting in essence is “not a logical performance but an emotional leap.” He said, “I have learned a lot working with Kent Gor, who taught me a lot about life experiences. I want to learn from him to do more charitable work, think positively, and make myself a more well-balanced individual.” Indeed, being an actor is first and foremost about living rightly and experiencing more of life in our multi-faceted world.

Source: Metro Daily HK

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  1. Younger artistes? lol..I just goggled these two guys. haha lol…Babyjohn Choi ( wow what a name ) he’s actually older than he is. DH is quite handsome but I guess everyone will always remember him as ex porn star cuz of those Cat III films. The Bet Hur? Worst series ever. lol….. He needs better series to be known. But this new drama is quite interesting thou just some of the artists are kinda old but most of them are really funny and yet entertaining and even that Babyjohn character can act really well. Definitely better than that Wesley series or that Bet Hur. I couldn’t even finish past 3 or 4 episodes w/those 2 crappy series.

      1. @msxie0714 hahahahahah LOL…OMG, I was actually about to type that in my first message but forgotten. ahaha…OMG…those names really unbelievable!

    1. @wm2017 I think he acted in the West Side Story musical as Baby John and adopted that as his stage name. But it does make people remember him better lol. I hated Bet Hur and didn’t really watch it but recognized his name right away.

  2. Would be interested to learn more about Kent Cheng. He wasn’t just an actor, he was a director in the CNY movie The Fortune Code. It had a super all star cast including Sammo Hung, Andy Lau, Alan Tam, and Anita Mui. It had so many famous people in it and he was the director!

    Does he still direct anymore? What happened now since he seems to just act nowadays?

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