Dominic Ho is a Hot Favorite in China’s Nightclubs

Having been in the entertainment industry for seven years, 26-year old Dominic Ho (何浩文) experienced a sudden surge in popularity after starring in the film The Gigolo <鴨王>. Possessing a 41-inch chest, the actor and singer also became a hot favorite in mainland China’s nightclubs since releasing a photo album featuring his muscular body two years ago. With increased opportunities, Dominic’s work schedule is packed until March 2016.

In the past four months, Dominic allegedly pocketed a total of around 4.8 million RMB from singing in nightclub shows in mainland China. Sources claim he will be raising his fee from 60,000 RMB to 80,000 RMB per show starting December. His goal is to earn approximately $10 million HKD by the end of the year.

Refuses to Engage in Cosplay

According to tabloids, Dominic has attracted many rich ladies to his nightclub shows. Last month, he reportedly received a mysterious phone call from Ms. Z, a rich woman who works as a real estate agent. Ms. Z requested Dominic to engage in pirate cosplay and invited him to a banana boat party, offering 1 million RMB for his appearance.

However, Dominic responded in an interview, “I can earn the same amount from ten shows. Why should I dress up as a pirate? Money isn’t everything, and I’m not a slave of rich women. I enjoy the life I have right now.” Dominic added he would rather work hard for his money than resort to the ideas of others. His favourite songs to sing are Jam Hsiao’s (蕭敬騰) “Princess” <王妃> and “Miss You Forever” <只能想念你>, as well as his original, “Say You Love Me.”

Used to Live in a Small Filthy Room

Dominic’s life within the entertainment industry had been rough in the past, especially when he had to borrow money from a close friend and reside in a 70-square-feet room. At the time, he had lost hope towards his career. He recalled, “I could barely make money in Hong Kong with my singing, but I never gave up because I enjoy it! I lived in an old apartment room with cockroaches flying everywhere.”

Now given a lot more opportunities, Dominic’s lifestyle has changed for the good. He rents a private flat in the Kowloon district for around $20,000 HKD per month. His upcoming goal is to purchase his dream property and car. He expressed, “The properties in Hong Kong are crazy expensive right now. I want to move to the island side, but I really have to save more money. I’ll buy a new car first, since it really needs to be upgraded. I don’t usually spend a lot!”


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