Zhang Yimou’s Daughter Forgives Gong Li for “Ruining Childhood”

Director Zhang Yimou (張藝謀) reunited with actress Gong Li (鞏俐) for their movie Coming Home <歸來>, putting their past relationship once again in the spotlight. Gong Li achieved international stardom in her early career by starring in several of Zhang’s films, such as Red Sorghum <红高梁> and Raise the Red Lantern <大红灯笼高高挂>. Aside from serving as the director’s muse, Gong Li was also intimately involved with Zhang, causing him to have a rift with his family. His daughter Zhang Mo (張末) recalled that her childhood was filled with anger towards Gong Li for taking her father away from her. 

Coming Home Receives Positive Reception

The screening of Coming Home at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival was praised by many critics, and reaped in approximately 100 million RMB in box office sales in China alone. Upcoming hearing the success of the movie, Gong Li immediately burst into joyful tears. Zhang Yimou excitingly expressed, “It’s pretty good! This may be a dramatic arts film, but it’s not a typical big drama movie production. Good box office sales mean that the audience likes it; I’m very happy.”

Gong Li was not the only one in tears; many of the viewers who finished watching the initial screening of Coming Home at Cannes came out with red puffy eyes. Out of the 23 people interviewed, 21 of them stated that the storyline for Coming Home was highly moving, and exhibited a very touching love story.

Zhang Yimou’s Daughter Forgives Gong Li

Because Gong Li and Zhang Yimou were previously romantically linked, Zhang Yimou’s daughter, Zhang Mo (張末) previously possessed much anger towards the actress. Many years ago, Zhang Mo openly stated that Gong Li ruined her childhood because of her involvement with her father.

During an interview, Zhang Mo had angrily stated, “When my dad and mom got married, my dad had nothing. Because of my mom’s support, he was able to become successful in his career. When dad and Gong Li were together, I didn’t understand and I still don’t know why. Gong Li is a big star. When she and my dad were together, why did he have to cut off all forms of communication between us? During that time, I felt like I had lost a father.”

It was not until Gong Li and Zhang Yimou went their separate ways in 1995, did Zhang Mo feel that she had a chance at real father-daughter time again.

However, during the collaboration between the trio in Coming Home, Gong Li and Zhang Mo appeared to have come to a resolution. Zhang Mo was in charge of cutting and editing the film, and had a chance to be in closer contact with Gong Li. Urged by Zhang Yimou during the Cannes Festival, Zhang Mo and Gong Li shared a heart-warming hug in front of the audience. It looks like after many years, the two women are finally beginning to come to terms with their mixed feelings towards each other.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Not necessarily Gong Li’s fault that daddy prefered hookers abd beer over family.

  2. Wow, never knew about her except being an international star. So did she become involved w/this guy so she can get a boost in popularity in showbiz or what?

    1. It’s pretty obvious that that’s the case. No wonder in the previous article, she said she was offended by the term, “Mou Girl.” It’s a reminder of her past, and when one gets to where one wants to be, he/she does not always want to be associated with his/her past. I see that pattern playing out here.

  3. I noticed a lot of people like this case, the daughter blamed Gong Li to have taken her father away from her. Has she never think that one hand doesnt clap? Gong Li wont be able to take Zhang Yimou if he wasnt doing it willingly. Therefore, it’s not entirely Gong Li’s fault. I hope people are more realistic and not have biased opinion

    1. It’s both their fault. One is a cheater, and the other one knows he is married and decide to be the other woman! They are both sleezy!

  4. They were young and they made some bad choices. Get over it.
    It sucks that the daughter is so bitter. She could blame her father and Gong Li for ruining her childhood, perhaps that’s their fault. But if she continues to hold that grudge now after so much time has passed, then that’s her own problem.

  5. One can be sure she isn’t the only actress in the world to have an affair with the director.

  6. Why would Zhang Mo hug her? Thats so fake!

    1. Agreed, fake indeed. It’s all for show. And, her mother is probably coughing up blood. Don’t support any work by this pimp and his …

      1. I dont even think this affair even took place. It was just to sleaze up both auteur and actress because Red Sorghum dared to mention refined and honorable Japanese conduct in China.

  7. I would never blame White Flower Oil or whoever my parent preferred to spend time with. If the parent just isn’t that into you, it won’t matter if you lock him in the same room as you.

    Has anyone noticed how unreal the fatherly attention is in the Chinese version of Oppa Odiga? Granted there are moments of authentic indifference ….

    1. I highly recommend the Law and Order Criminal Intent episode “Blind Spot.”

      Jesus, get over it, girlie.

      It’s not like those stories about mistresses calling up the family members or stalking them or whatever. Our family friend’s wife and pregnant daughter were attacked and disfigured by a mistress when I was a little girl. Now that I do blame the Dad because guess how the mistress got into their apartment ….

      At least don’t bring your housekeys with you, right?

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