Gong Li Rescinds Singaporean Citizenship

Starring in many award-winning films, Gong Li (鞏俐) is touted as one of the most successful actresses in China. Some of her best known films include Red Sorghum <紅高粱>, The Story of Qiu Ju <秋菊打官司>, and Raise the Red Lantern <大紅燈籠高高掛>. Despite a remarkable filmography, Gong Li still faced criticism through the years for not only her controversial relationships, but also her citizenship issue.

In 2008, Gong Li withdrew her Chinese nationality and applied for Singaporean citizenship after marrying Singaporean tobacco tycoon, Ooi Hoe Seong.

The change of Gong Li’s nationality caused considerable controversy. At the time, Gong Li explained that she chose to adopt a Singaporean citizenship because of her family, as she would go to Singapore for a week or two every year, staying in hotels. However, her marriage with Ooi Hoe Seong ended in 2009, and Gong Li did not change her nationality back.

It has been reported recently that Gong Li has renounced her foreign citizenship, and is instead embracing her Chinese citizenship once again. Although some blasted Gong Li’s for this decision as merely for money-making purposes, many approved of her action and praised her patriotism. One netizen wrote, “Repenting now is a wise decision. It is not too late.”

With the recent rise in patriotism in China, other celebrities who relinquished their foreign citizenship this year include Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Arthur Chen Feiyu (陳飛宇).

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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