Show Luo and Elva Hsiao Impress Audience With “WOW” Dance

The second round of Show Luo’s (羅志祥) “2013 MORRISK” world tour concert took place on the evening of January 5 at the Taipei Arena. With Show’s enormous overseas fan base, it has been estimated that his concert this year attracted approximately 2,000 fans to Taiwan.

Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) was invited as a guest in the second session of Show’s concert. Together, they surprised the audience with their creative adaptation of the song “WOW” into an electronic jungle wind dance. They performed the song a few days ago for a New Year countdown, but this version was completely different with the unique twist. Elva expressed that after rehearsing for the performance for two days, her pectoral muscles grew 2 inches larger. One movement of the dance included Elva gliding under Show’s crotch. After she stood up, fans screamed at their wonderful collaboration in the difficult dance.

Show and Elva were inhibited in their onstage intimacy. After their “WOW” performance, Show hugged Elva tightly. Elva even helped Show wipe away his sweat. Their close interaction led to the jealous screams of fans.

Besides the stunning adaptation of the song “WOW>” Show’s sense of humor spread laughter throughout the audience. He said that he did not want to see his fans boringly wave their glow sticks around. Instead, he wanted them to scream with all their energy until their voices were hoarse, and to vigorously wave their glow sticks. Show joked that whoever did not do the vigorous wave will experience a downfall in their careers, and would not be able to find a job in three years. Furthermore, Show made funny faces that greatly amused the audience. Show’s performance energy fueled the Taipei arena with a lively, screaming fans.

Watch “WOW” Dance in Action

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