Grace Chow is the Real Third Party?

More details are being revealed about Show Lo’s (羅志祥) complicated love life ever since his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow (周揚青) publicly denounced for cheating in their nine-year relationship. But Grace may also have been a third party herself, and was the reason behind Show’s breakup with Taiwanese actress, Tia Lee (李毓芬).

In her angry rant on Weibo, Grace mentioned that Show has a long-standing relationship with a female artiste in his company. Everyone immediately knew that she was referring to Show’s long time co-host Linda Chien (愷樂), since she is the only one female artiste managed by his company. Grace even publicly tagged Linda in a response to a fan urging her to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Shortly after, Linda made a public apology on social media to Grace and to people that cared about her.

However after some digging from netizens, it turns out that Grace may have also been a third party, and Linda should also be apologizing to another actress instead!

More Cheating Exposed

It was alleged that Show fell for Taiwanese actress, Tia Lee (李毓芬) after filming a commercial together in 2008. They were caught many times wearing couple outfits and travelling to South Korea and Shanghai together. They had an on-and-off relationship, and broke up and reconciled many times.

In 2010, Linda was invited to be a substitute host for variety show 100% Entertainment  <娛樂百分百> where Show was also a host. Immediately, dating rumors spread and at the end of 2012, they were caught vacationing in Thailand.

Tia suspected that Show was cheating on her, but he was able to convince her otherwise. This continued until 2013, when Tia finally learned the truth about Show and Linda through friends when he held a celebration for Linda’s 30th birthday.

Grace Was the Reason Behind Show’s Breakup with Tia?

Tia finally decided to end their relationship not only due to Linda, but also because of her growing suspicions around Show and Grace’s relationship.

Show and Grace were first rumored to be together in 2011, but their relationship was not publicly confirmed till 2015. Grace became his first and only publicly acknowledged girlfriend.


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