Show Lo Pacifies Grace Chow Through 6-Hour Phone Call

Show Lo (羅志祥) and Grace Chow (周揚青) had a very ugly and public breakup when she exposed him for cheating with multiple women.  In his nine-year relationship with Grace, Show had cheated with his co-host Linda Chien (簡愷樂), and also had many casual one night stands and orgies. Despite Show and Linda’s apologies on social media, Grace’s damaging social media posts continued. Feeling he needed to settle the problem privately with her, Show reached out to Grace and they spoke for six hours on the phone, finally able to pacify her anger.

It is rumored that Grace had already discovered Show’s philandering ways in January and wanted to break up. At the time, she was prepared to share with the public a large number of photos and videos as proof of his multiple incidents of cheating. However, Show had persuaded her not to do so by guilting her with worries over his mother’s health. These rumors were later denied by Show.

Many friends advised Show to have an open and honest talk with Grace. Knowing how stubborn Grace was, Show was unwilling to reach out directly to her for nearly two weeks after his cheating scandal broke. Yesterday, he finally gave in and had a six-hour call with her.

It is said that Show admitted his mistakes and was sorry for hurting her. He also expressed that he had failed as a boyfriend and is willing to change. After their call, Grace had apparently softened her stance and decided to stop sharing more details about their relationship with the media. They ended the call on a good note, and while it is unclear whether they will get back together, at least they can remain friends.

Completing his 14-day self isolation in Shenzhen, Show will allegedly hold a press conference to address the scandal, but nothing has been officially announced yet.

Source: HK01

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  1. 9 years of continuous cheating, with multiple women and flings… and not even alone, but with other people involved too.

    Settling this kind of scandal with a mere 6 hour phone call is too forgiving.

  2. Nine years is a very, very long time to date someone. I admire her if she can forgive him and move on. It’s very hard to do that. She should try to view it in another way – that he is out of her life and she is not wasting anymore time with this big jerk. She should take it as a BIG lesson when she picks the next boyfriend or husband. Hopefully he will be a changed man after this or he is a HOPELESS man.

  3. this sounds so childish in many ways. she spilled the beans b/c she was mad at him. then he apologized over the phone to pacify….

  4. I have mad respect for her for outing his philandering. But it’s a case of cutting off own nose, she could have just ended it gracefully. He’s not worth the energy.

    I hope she doesn’t go back to him after this 6 hour phone call.

  5. She can’t let go. If she could, the BLOCK button should have been used on all communication portals. She is hurt AND hoping he will change or repent OR she’s playing on hell of a game and making him think she is pacified and then hits him when he leasts expects it. For **** and giggles, maybe she shall continue the saga 🙂

  6. What a total creep. To blatantly cheat on his girlfriend of nine years and have to get the mother to help him out.

    If all the actors are like him, all the naive female fans will be his prey, never mind the actresses and female crew as well.

    Frankly, there are better looking and better caliber actors than him. Tell him to get lost.

  7. Reading his first reply to her first breakup post….That sums him up. Such a scumbag who treats females as tools.

  8. Show must be good with his words for Grace to forgive after a 6 hours phone call. She’s a pretty girl, I hope she move on and find someone who cherish her.

  9. I know this has nothing to do with the story but Grace Chow looks kinda fake…or are just all her photos have been photo shopped? Or is it just me.

  10. If your love one have been lying and cheating on you for 9 years then the only solution is clean break away and move on. Else, it would be just a relationship without trust or love.

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