Show Lo Makes Comeback Concert and Gets Criticized for Trying to Get Sympathy

Taiwan singer Show Lo (羅志祥) holds his first concert since ex-girlfriend Grace Chow (周揚青) exposed the singer for his promiscuous behaviors . Early in the concert, Show fell and injured himself. However, many netizens accused Show of staging accident to get sympathy for his damaged career.

Show’s concert in Kaohsiung Taiwan attracted more than 10,000 fans. For the opening act, Show and 30 dancers performed his hit single “No Joke”However, due to a technical issue with the lifting platform, Show was only able to sing one sentence before falling flat on the stage. Show was seen lying on the platform for three seconds before getting up.

Thankfully, Show did not get seriously injured but his manager claimed that the fall was potentially serious as Show was standing 2-meters above ground. Show’s manager revealed that the platform bumped into Show’s right calf twice and the singer fell from the pain. The production team immediately bought painkiller so that Show can continue his concert.

Despite the injury, Show did not let the pain stop him and he pushed on for the two-and-a-half-hour concert. During the concert, Show kept the festive energy going and even dressed as a woman on the stage. A concertgoer also proposed at the concert and Show helped out and gave them a shout-out, “There are more than 10,000 people here. It will be awkward if you don’t accept. He really loves you!”

Show Comments on His Accident

After the concert, Show met with the media to reflect on his fall. Describing the pain as level 10, Show shared, “The lifting platform would normally push up and is held up. However, I fell before the platform is held in place. I quickly used my arm and it would have been a tragedy if I didn’t do that. My leg was in pain but I couldn’t think of anything else. I had to finish the concert no matter what. My mom asked if I was ok, but I said it was nothing . I kept dance and I didn’t want to worry her.”

Show added that netizens’ comments made him angry, “Netizens said I designed the stage and I fell deliberately . They said I wanted to use this to try to clear my name.

Reflecting on the last two years since his cheating scandal, Show shared, “People thought I was gone but I was actually building up energy and bullets; they would burst out at any time. I think people are remarkable. One day, you would fail and give up on all your dreams. People around you will ask, ‘Are you a man?’ After standing up, they will ask if you ever reflected?”

Show continued, “Men should shoulder what they can and face what they can. Admit your mistake when you are wrong and then move forward. Keep an optimistic attitude and keep a fighting spirit. Don’t forget your goals as you face [your challenges].”

Show revealed that he will make an appearance at Hualien’s New Year Gala, will be holding a series of concert overseas and then plan to hold a concert at Taipei’s Arena next year.

Source: HK On CC

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  1. I am not interested in Show but I dont think that fall would be staged…No point in doing so to be honest. it will be senseless…

  2. Well, this is a step in humility. Knowing that you can work hard but if people aren’t giving you chances, you’re still going to be criticized. All of this still stems from his actions. It’s great he’s learning to pick himself back up, but I hope the lessons don’t leave him.

  3. Too bad he can only make a comeback in Taiwan at the moment, not in China. Even China ban their own ppl for any wrongdoings, what more if u are not from China

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