Show Lo is Literally Losing Billions from His Cheating Scandal

By on May 1, 2020 in NEWS, Taiwan

Show Lo is Literally Losing Billions from His Cheating Scandal

Known as the king of dance, Show Lo (羅志祥) was the last star anyone would expect to have a scandal. Positive, funny, and talented, the Taiwanese pop singer’s fanbase grew rapidly over the last two decades. When his girlfriend of nine years Grace Chow (周揚青) revealed Show’s long history of cheating—and even had the receipts to prove it—Show’s image rapidly went down the drain.

According to reports, Show had lost four endorsement deals since the scandal broke, equating to millions of dollars. The sixth season of the Chinese reality show Go Fighting! <極限挑戰>, which will premiere in May 10th, did not announce Show as part of the cast despite him having already filmed the first episode. He was a regular in all five seasons of the show, and was also a fan favorite, as many of his lines on the show became popular memes on Chinese social media. Show was reportedly paid a total of 40 million yuan (around NT$180 million) per season. Show had to stop filming after the first episode due to mandatory self-quarantine measures. It is likely that Show has already been cut from the season.

Show’s role as a judge for the dance program Street Dance of China <這就是街舞> may also be replaced. Reports say that the crew was originally highly against replacing Show due to the difficulty of finding another artiste of Show’s caliber as a dance star. But with a scandal as severe as his, replacing him has become a likely solution.

Rumors say that his position will be replaced by Kris Wu (吳亦凡), who may appear as a guest judge. The third season of Street Dance of China is slated to premiere in July.

Show’s program with famous Chinese MC Xie Na (謝娜), Sing or Spin <嗨唱轉起來>, may be canceled despite the show having already received the green light for a second season. Show was reportedly paid 160 million yuan (about NT$700 million) for 12 episodes.

Although Show has already ended his mandatory self-quarantine in China, his agency has pulled him out of his activities. A rumor started spreading in Weibo claiming that Show is planning for an apology press conference in May. Show’s reps have not responded to this claim.

Source: Wang Yi Yu Le

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    1. hohliu says:

      Well, he did say he will bare the consequence, so he can do so now. He can still return to Taiwan as the media have covered up for him so many year…

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    2. m0m0 says:

      his on screen career is over.

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    3. haveninmuse says:

      He just sounds like a player; doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent. Too bad…Media is very unforgiving and his career is definitely going down.

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