Show Lo to Take Hiatus After Scandal?

After his cheating scandal broke out, Show Lo (羅志祥) has been actively trying to avoid the media. When Grace accused Show of cheating in their relationship with multiple women, he went from being a beloved superstar to one of the most disliked celebrities overnight. Following his apology to ex-girlfriend Grace Chow (周揚青) on Weibo, Show will allegedly host a press conference later to address the issue as well.

Admitting fault and apologizing to Grace and everyone he hurt, Show lost many endorsements, advertising jobs, as well as a chance to host a variety show in China. Currently in Shenzhen finishing up his quarantine period, early speculations said that he will be flying back to Taiwan on May 10 in time for Mother’s Day.

Although his mother is worried about Show’s mental health and urged him to return to Taiwan, recent rumors claim that Show may host his press conference via livestream in Shanghai or Shenzhen instead. The singer is allegedly going to apologize in person and announce his hiatus in the entertainment industry. Many claimed that the reason behind Show’s hiatus is so that he could spend time preparing his comeback and let fans have ample of time to digest the situation and salvage whatever support they have left for him.

In Grace’s social media posts, she also alluded that Show had cheated with co-worker and television host, Linda Chien (愷樂). Even though Linda had signed with Show’s company since 2014 and remains as the only female artiste under their wing, the pair will most likely end their six-year long collaboration to pacify negative press.

Although his scandal may disrupt his career for the time being, Show has already built a fortune working in the industry for 25 years, especially in the last few years while working in China. It’s estimated that his properties are worth at least $150 million HKD, with his net worth currently sitting at around $500 million HKD.

The worst-case scenario for Show would be to permanently leave Mainland entertainment and eventually return to being a host on 100% Entertainment <娛樂百分百> in Taiwan.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. do people still want to see him in taiwan? quite embarrassing honestly after being exposed. lucky there wasn’t video or photo of him in action.

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