These Eight Artistes Have Strange Hygiene Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong, and as people learn how to cope with their new lifestyles, they are also encouraged to practice safe and frequent hygiene habits. Wearing face masks, alcohol wipes, frequent hand washing with soap and water, and social distancing are just the basics. If people did this two years ago, one would think that he or she had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Everyone has their own kind of hygiene habits, including many of our favorite celebrities. They’re not deemed as alarming, but it’s definitely severe enough for others to take notice and find them strange.

#1 Kai Ko (柯震東)

The Taiwanese actor cannot handle mess, especially when it involves his own private space. Kai admitted that he had felt anger and annoyance when a filming crew member stared at his bed. He said in a TV interview that he gets very OCD whenever his bedroom is involved.

#2 Show Lo (羅志祥)

Show gets extremely sensitive when it comes to dust on his bedsheets. Once, a friend sat on his bed and left a dent. Although Show allowed his friend to sit on his bed, Show immediately washed the sheets the next day. Show hates stains, which is the reason why he would sit on a toilet instead of standing up. He would always wipe down shampoo and soap bottles after taking a shower because he doesn’t want them to grow water stains.

#3 Pakho Chau (周柏豪)

Like Show, Pakho also sits on the toilet because he doesn’t want to stain the seat.

#4 Louis Koo (古天樂)

According to reports, Louis washes his hair twice a day. The first thing he does after work is to immediately shower. Louis dislikes leaving things unattended, and would always make sure to clean up after himself after eating, cooking, and drinking.

#5 Kenneth Ma (馬國明)

Kenneth enjoys showers, and according to reports, he once had a record of showering five times a day. He dislikes feeling sweaty all the time.

#6 Tian Liang (天亮)

The Olympic diver didn’t beat Kenneth’s record, but does shower at least three times a day. Before the pandemic occurred, Tian Liang was already known to be the man stocked with alcohol wipes in his bag. Before he boards a plane, he makes sure to wipe everything down before using it.

#7 Li Bingbing (李冰冰)

According to a source close to the Chinese actress, friends who get invited to Li Bingbing’s home are only allowed to wear a particular set of slippers. They cannot sit on the sofa, and girls with long hair have to tie it up to prevent hair from falling on her floor.

#8 Jason Chan (陳智燊)

The former TVB actor and YouTube star would spend two days to pack his luggage. Jason organizes each item neatly into different compartments for the convenience of organization. Like Tian Liang, he also wipes down everything before using it. After boarding the plane, he would wipe down his seat and in-flight entertainment systems. When he returns home, Jason would wipe down his luggage before entering the house.


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  1. OCD is usually also indicative of some other type of cognitive disorder – like anxiety. It’s good to be clean, but when people take it overboard, then it becomes very restricting and difficult to live with.

    1. @coralie I dont know, I think it can be but most people in my family learned the behaviour from my mum. She used to comment on how disgusting it when people kissed on TVB because they are swapping spit. It actually took me into my 20s to not be affected vy this lol.

      I also have some habits that rival the above here. Problem is mum has planted the seed, and I cant fully abolish all the habits, but I have tried to learn to not let it take over my life that much. It can really impact it if not.

  2. Lol. Kenneth shower five times a day? He got time for that? Since he has to work long hours. Li Bingbing doesn’t allow her friends sits on the sofa then where are they sitting? Dinning room or on the floor? She’s got long hair herself too I’m sure she has to tighten them up everyday.

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