One Year After Cheating Scandal, Show Luo Wants to Make Comeback

Since Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo (羅志祥) was exposed by ex-girlfriend Grace Chow (周揚青) for his promiscuous cheating ways, he received a lot of backlash and his career has come to a standstill. Although Show had already apologized to Grace with a long post on social media when the scandal first broke out, he was unable to save his image. One year has passed since the scandal, and Show expressed his eagerness to make a comeback.

Initially heartbroken, Grace has already moved past Show. Recently, she admitted to starting a new relationship with fellow rich second generation Luo Hao (羅昊), and they even appeared on a variety show together.

On the other hand, Show is still testing the waters for his return to the industry by making regular posts on social media and uploading videos on YouTube to stay relevant. Receiving words of encouragement from some fans on a Chinese social media site, Show felt very grateful and emotional for their support.

He promised fans that he will not disappear from the limelight, “Give me some time–I will work hard to return to my original spot, because you guys are still waiting for me!”

Some netizens were not as kind, and mocked his reference of “original spot” as the status he had when he first entered the industry: a nobody.


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Grace Chow Accuses Show Lo of Cheating with Multiple Women

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  1. The difference between Show Luo and Kris Wu: the latter may or may have not done it legally by drugging women and then taking advantage of them physically. Show definitely cheated but all parties were consensual; show has a moral flaw while Kris is has a moral and violated the law.

  2. Show can still be active in Taiwan… dont bother getting back to China…the industry is going thru changes and the Government wants to clean up the industry. No one will risk taking on Show…They have groom some good young idols that can do the job… Show is a really good host, I have to admit… but that is not good enough reason to take him back.

    I am curious why does he not concentrate on TW market… They have no Place for him? Did you noticed many Taiwanese artists are returning TW…

    1. It’s a much bigger market and they (e.g. TV stations) are more willingly to pay more if the artist has his value. And if he has popularity there, brands endorsements are more willingly to sign him too.

  3. I like Show, even after his scummy history. I still like his talent at hosting and acting. While his image has been marred considerably since the scandal, like everyone said here, it was consensual between all parties EXCEPT his ex. He wasted the girl’s time and cheated on her numerous times. It’s really hard to see him in a squeaky clean light anymore. Depending on the person, for some ppl the damage could be so bad that it forever taints their image and noone ever wishes to see them again as it associates negative memories. For others, the tainting is not so bad because the punishment does not befit the crime – he cheated, was an @$$hole, but he is paying for his mistakes. I don’t know if I would ever want him to be on television acting again because I can’t see him as a “good” guy anymore, but he can still host and make a living that way. He just lost the “idol” mantle and may never get it back.

    1. @Coralie, agreed…His hosting skills are very good and he is very talented.. But not enough to enough for me to see him on screen as before.. He should just focus back home. Taiwan market has many TW rejects like Roy Chiu. Show and Roy are both infamous players, not a crime as such thus they can still be active in the industry. Show really should forgot about China market…he has burnt his bridges…

    2. @Coralie Perhaps let me explain it this way. The ex took him back repeatedly through their 9-year relationship. Did she agree for him to cheat again after the first time or to have an open relationship? Absolutely not. Was she hoping he would change? Absolutely yes. Did she think she can change him? Part of me believes she did, but I can be very wrong. Did she already know he was a forever a player but just wasn’t ready to let go? I believe that was the case. Did she get fed up to the point she almost went public with her evidence but Show appeased her last minute? This was published in the news, so it’s a 100% yes.

      1. Some sources wrote SL was involved in …orgies, or something similar to the Korean celebrities’ ‘N’ room scandal.

      2. Idk…consent is not the same thing as forgiveness. She has forgiven him for his infidelities in the past which might’ve been the crux of why they broke up initially, and possibly did think he would change. Except he didn’t and after discovering the breadth of cheating that occured in their relationship, which was nonconsensual, she exposed him for being a cheating scum.

  4. not a bad time to come time. people now can make a comparison between him and kris. show’s a real gentleman in this comparison.

  5. Never get his charm. He comes across as oily as he gets more popular over the years.
    Both Zheng Shuang and Show are said to be more active online after KW’s news are made known, both testing public sentiment in big 6 and the state reaction because they believe what they have done are not as horrendous as KW. Don’t understand how ZS believes she should be given a chance. As for SL, big 6 is stepping in to clean up the entertainment industry and expecting artists to be of positive influence on public. So he should just stop trying to earn big money there.

    1. @BearBear I know… both amazed me too!!! Especially ZS…Honestly she love money too much… Did you read some of her comments, she is trying to use cuteness to gain sympathy. I want to throw up reading them…She really has no sense of Right and Wrong… I cannot wait to find out what will come about from her Tax investigations… If she have guts, she really should just return to China to face her Deeds. Instead of running and hiding in US… Using the kids as an excuse.

      1. Oh I only know that she tried to gain sympathy with her posts on how many pieces of clothing she has, that she only drinks water but didn’t know about the cuteness. what did she say?
        Why would she think her wrongdoings can be overlooked with cuteness of any kind? You are right, she doesn’t even have any fundamental understanding of right and wrong or maybe she does but is too self centered and too selfish to self reflect and face the consequences of her actions. Her blind fans’ undying devotion aren’t helping her to start thinking like a decent human either.
        Wondering on the progress of her tax invasion investigation as well. Would have thought by now there’d have been some updates. Thought FBB’s case was quite fast to conclude.
        Happy to see this clean up though some may not agree with state intervention. The official blacklisting of ZS and KW is a good start.

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