Hannah Quinlivan’s “Crush” Over Show Lo Generates Backlash

By on January 26, 2015 in NEWS


After her marriage to Jay Chou (周杰倫) on January 17, Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) has become a hot gossip magnet. Aside from digging up old pre-debut pictures of the 21-year-old, netizens also found old clips of Hannah confessing that she had “unrequited love” for her idol, Taiwanese pop singer Show Lo (羅志祥).

In an old episode of the variety show Blackie’s Teenage Club <我愛黑澀會>, which aired in 2008, host Blackie Chen (陳建州) discovered a love letter Hannah allegedly wrote to Show Lo when Blackie paid a surprise visit to Hannah at her house. Hannah, who was 14 years old at the time, wrote that it was okay if Show did not love her, but regardless of what happens, she would always silently watch over Show and wait for him.

When asked about Hannah’s love letter, Show appeared embarrassed and stressed that Hannah is already married. “Admiration is admiration. The one she loves is Jay. Good wishes to them.”

Show’s response apparently did not sit well with Jay’s dance instructor Snow, also known as Ice Cream (雪糕). On his Weibo microblog, Snow accused Show for starting rumors and hyping up his relationship with Hannah.

Snow wrote, “If you already know that the notebook was a fake love letter prepared by the producers, and not something she wrote herself, then why are you still using it as a joke? The groom doesn’t mind, but as Jay’s friend, do you think this is an appropriate act?”

Another of Jay’s choreographers, Hsiao Mai (小麥), also responded on Weibo, “If Show’s response was clearer, the groom and the bride wouldn’t have to deal with such trivial news. Right? Or maybe, he actually thought the love letter was real?”

Snow and Hsiao Mai’s reactions angered Show’s manager, who clarified that the old clip was dug up by reporters and Show was only responding to media questions. Asked if Show was aware that the letter was fake, his manager said, “It’s been many years. Show doesn’t even remember.” His manager then added, “Please make certain of the situation before speaking up. Think thrice, Mr. Snow.”

Show dismissed the incident lightly at a recent promotional event, expressing, “Let it go with the wind.”

Snow and Hsiao Mai’s outburst led to speculation that they may be trying to publicize their new band CUG, which also includes the dancer Ken.

However, Jay came to his friends’ defense. Currently enjoying his honeymoon in Europe, Jay wrote on his official Weibo, “Brothers, speaking up and standing up for me can only mislead people. I think you guys have worked hard. Don’t be bothered by such things. It’s enough that we know. But you issued comments without asking me first…. I guess this is what it means to be brothers!”

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

29 comments to Hannah Quinlivan’s “Crush” Over Show Lo Generates Backlash

  1. Hannahh says:

    oh la la! TBH i will choose Show over Jay lol

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    • m0m0 replied:

      Totally, show is much hotter. Also figured someone as young would prefer looks than other things.

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  2. anoninhk says:

    ok, it’s embarrassing because hannah wasn’t 14 that long ago but c’mon! i was writing letters to my crush at 14 and it even went on until i was 19! wasn’t hannah allowed to have a normal childhood now that she’s mrs jay chou? and i think it’s rather nice she didn’t have a crush on jay because then it would have looked like jay took complete advantage of her.

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    • Elane replied:

      I agree with you! I can’t imagine how fans would react if she wrote it to Jay instead >_< the reactions would probably be worst!
      It's unfair to Hannah that people are hating her this way. Like really? Using what she wrote when she was 14 years old against her?? That's pretty sad in my opinion..

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  3. coralie says:

    What are these ppl, like 5 yr olds?

    The media obv instigated this shiz and poor Show just answered in a very diplomatic way. If Jay’s Show’s friend, he’d step in to explain that what Show said meant no harm. Instead he protects his bros who “stuck up” for him when really, this sounds more like they’re doing this for publicity. I didn’t think more of this after reading Show’s response, but when they replied, it just made me feel these dudes are really batpor and have too much frighin time on their hands.

    Leave Show alone.

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  4. coralie says:

    Also waaah these producers planned a fake letter for Hannah.. Makes me think how many of these silly stunts they pulled on celebrity guest stars.

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  5. Hannah says:

    I didn’t read too much into Show’s response. Some ppl crave publicity.

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  6. zeeke says:

    Yea, this has to be a publicity stunt cause the way they came out to say something about it is literally tasteless. He was asked a question, and he answered it. He didn’t even say anything bad…

    Jay didn’t even really defend Show either, just his “friends”, so this whole thing really rubbed me off the wrong way.

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  7. Nori says:

    Advice to Jay Chou – just go and ask your wife directly if it was true whether she did have crush on Show Luo when she was 14 instead of having your friends going around and bashing on others to gain publicity and you still call it “brotherly act.” Yes, think twice before beeping your mouth!!!

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  8. Okay okay says:

    I’ve always liked Jay more than Show, but I’ve never liked Jay’s group of friends, they annoy the heck out of me. Anyways this isn’t even a big deal, what was the point of this?

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  9. nomad 822 says:

    It’s either the media instigators or Jay’s so-called supporters (ie the Snow and Hsiao Mai person) are adding salt and peppter.

    I don’t even know what Show Lo does, except to know the hordes and horders fan girls go rabit in Singapore in the nearby mall when he appears.

    So what was so ‘provocative and suspect’ about this dude’s response. She was like 14 yrs old then, a whole fecking SEVEN yrs ago.

    And Hannah’s already been dating Jay for like how long before marriage?

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  10. Tess says:

    What’s wrong with having crushes? She’s still a young woman who became a wife too soon. The media is purposely digging this up right after their marriage. This obviously to seek everybody’s attebtion to the newly wed.

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  11. Annon says:

    Men that sounded and behaved like women. Gossiping and bashing. Leave Show alone. He’s the victim here. Stupid news coming out of nowhere and suddenly he becomes a target. Go bother Jay and his new bride! Leave Show out of this.

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  12. Annon says:

    Jay didn’t even speak up for Show and he supported the 2 idiots. Well, he’s probably upset for being second choice! Cannot have fish, prawn also will do!!

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    • MW replied:


      Just hope Hannah doesn’t crave for fish in the future. 🙂

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  13. Funn Lim says:

    slow news day huh?

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  14. ,,. says:

    The “band” CUG is a joke itself. I heard one of their songs and it was horrible.

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    • ,,. replied:

      Just found out that that song was written by Jay.
      I like Jay a lot but now a lot of his compositions and directing are really tacky and he’s doing more of it. I only like his ballads. I can’t believe Jay has stooped so low just to hang out with these semi talented kiss a$$es
      seriously can’t stand songs with generic lyrics and auto tuned and a trashy MV full of girls and sports cars. And CUG is the definition of this.

      This has to be the worst song I’ve ever heard.

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      • RayIan replied:

        I always don’t understand what is so special about Jay Chou’s music.

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      • Joie replied:

        I’ve just watched the youtube video … what a [email protected] music! Come on Jay, you can do better than that!!! I think I’m gonna stick for kpop for awhile …,

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  15. advo says:

    I had Show and Snow confused for the same person in the end of the article lol!

    This wouldn’t be news if Jay and Show didn’t have that ancient ~feud right? Poor Hannah, getting dragged into it. It was stupid of his knucklehead buddies to run to his defense – especially when he didn’t ask for it!

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  16. janet says:

    HQ is already Mrs Jay Chou…why bring up such old news?

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  17. Winkiestars says:

    The letter wrote by Hannah and Show taking the blame? Please lah if no news also don’t dig this rubbish news out. She is not nothing

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    • MW replied:

      Totally agree !!

      And, it was so long ago. Maybe it’s just a bunch of apes doing their victory chest pounding?

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  18. Elane says:

    It could be that what Show said is somewhat lost in translation, and translated differently, but from what it is in English, I don’t see anything wrong with it. If anything, I find that Show’s choreographers and dance instructor are the ones who over reacted :S

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  19. Bo says:

    Dislike the so-called “brothers” of Jay. They stick to Jay to gain publicity and they are freakin’ annoying!

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  20. GUI says:

    Come on! She was 14 then. I have so many crushes I can’t even keep count. As for Show. Yes, he could have answered better or better yet not respond. Jay’s friend just wanted to stick up for their friend. No wrong there. Jay and Han are happily married. People needs to stop trying to cause trouble in this new marriage.

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  21. Theresa says:

    Personally Snow’s reply is quite neutral and does not harm anyone. I don’t understand why those people want to make a fuss of out it. To me, these people are more towards currying favor a person. Also, the way Jay’s reply shows how immature he is. He just falls into the reporter’s trap. So unwise of him.

    I think his wedding was perfectly arranged. Great. But married at the age of 21 might be too early. Is she really ready to be tied down to be a baby maker and in control by him? Sorry……but through the interviews, it seems that everything must be approved by him. I feel this is just a little suffocated.

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  22. Kidd says:

    Those 2 friends of Jay Chow are just using this incident for publicity. Shameless.

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