Jay Chou’s Shocking Weight Gain

Making an appearance on stage for the very first time together after six years of marriage, Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) attended the premiere of their new auto racing movie Nezha <叱吒風雲>. The film marks Jay’s debut as a producer, and it stars Hannah as female lead. At the event, Jay’s appearance was nearly unrecognizable due to his weight gain, and many had to blink twice before ascertaining it was indeed the 42-year-old superstar.

Known for being a family man, Jay has repeatedly showcased his love for his wife and children throughout the years, and was unable to keep his eyes away from Hannah while speaking with reporters. Similarly, Hannah was caught stealing glances at Jay as well.

Besides the couple’s sweetness, many fans also noticed Jay’s considerable weight gain. Besides gaining extra pounds on his frame, Jay’s face appeared swollen during the event. Could it be “happy fat” or pandemic weight gain?

Netizens were quick to dig up old photos of the superstar from the early 2000s and did a side-by-side comparison with Jay’s current look. While many were surprised at his new physique, fans did enjoy flipping through old photos and recalling when Jay’s appearance peaked almost two decades ago.

Source: Sky Post

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. perhaps he’s just going through a recovery phase. wouldn’t be surprised that we’d see him in a better shape next year or so. what more better to do when all everyone does nowadays in cooped up in their homes?

      1. @jimmyszeto
        well, it’s hard keeping the old body so letting yourself recover mentally and physically during this time is perfect. who will you really see when you’re home most of the time.

      2. @m0m0
        You are being too polite. I would call ‘dieting’, not recovery stage. It’s all under our control mentally. We should be even more aware of our fitness when stuck at home. Plenty of time to think and plan daily meals and exercise…

  2. holy Jay what happened… he sure let it go but in he place he can easily hired a team to help him shed off those extra weight if he plans to make a comeback in the near future, money and support is not even an issue for him.

  3. Jay unrecognisable if it wasn’t for his hairstyle. Somehow he had a bad lockdown even though there hasn’t been a lockdown in Taiwan??

  4. Hopefully it’s just weight gain and not an underlying issue like hypothyroidism or something else. I mean, it could just be his age causing his metabolism to slow down. And at his age, if he doesn’t work out, the weight starts to pile on easily.

  5. Hilarious that the wife is in the movie and he produced it, but that’s cool wonder if it’s any good. Also Jay actually has a bad back and can’t sleep on it. So that’s probably why he’s gained the weight he can’t really work out like he used to I’m guessing.

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