Hannah Quinlivan’s Heart Melts Over Her Children’s Thoughtful Gestures

Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan‘s (昆凌) daughter and son have grown up to be thoughtful little kids. Their daughter is preparing to enter elementary school and their son is about to start kindergarten. Reflecting on being a mom for five years, Hannah shares how her kids’ thoughtful gestures can easily melt her heart.

Her children are polar opposites, as her daughter Hathaway really enjoys drawing and her son Romeo enjoys fighting! She disclosed that Jay would teach Romeo self-defense in his spare time. “He would hold down his hand and ask him how he would attack him. Men have a different method of education, and I think it’s quite good.”

When Hannah first become a mother, the 26-year-old felt frazzled and unsure of what to do. “I enrolled my children in many different classes, because I was afraid they would not be on par with other children. Slowly, I realized that allowing the children to be happy is the most important thing. Taking the children out to play and creating memories together is more important than any class.” With Jay noticeably slowing down his work in recent years, the couple took their children to Europe, Australia, and all over Taiwan for vacations.

Even though raising children is tough, especially for a young mother like Hannah, there are many moments when she realizes it is all worth it. Hathaway recently said she did not want to grow up because that would mean that Hannah would become old and eventually pass away. Hannah reassured her daughter that when she grows up, Hannah would still be young. “In that moment, I felt very touched. You can see that the children care a lot about you, and are afraid of you growing old and leaving them.”

On the other hand, Romeo places uses his actions instead of words to show his love for Mommy. “If he sees me brushing my teeth, then he will help get toothpaste and will bring a little stool for me to step on because he thinks I need it too! If he sees someone washing her hair, he will bring the hairdryer to the washroom door. These little actions make me feel so touched.” Hannah laughed and said that no one taught her son how to be so attentive, so it is probably in his genes!

Hannah loves her children dearly, but does not forget to have quality time together with Jay as well. Married for five years,  Hannah believes that the secret to a happy marriage is the time and effort you put into it even if you have been married for a long time. “I can understand that many women will place all their energy into their children, but it is important to spend some alone time with your partner as well.”

Source: Netease

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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