Inside 4 Celebrity Shoe Closets

Every celebrity has must-have items in their fashion collection: some like to collect bags and others like shoes. Celebrities understand that a great outfit is incomplete without the perfect matching shoes. Below are four artistes who opened their closet doors to reveal their vast shoe collections.

Mainland Chinese actor Bai Jingting (白敬亭). He made his debut in 2014 and commonly acts in student roles due to his youth and positive disposition. Fans will know that he loves collecting sneakers. The room where he houses them looks like like a warehouse for a retail store!

Taiwanese cellist and actress, Nana Ouyang (歐陽娜娜), is gaining more and more popularity in China. She is a lover of the brand, Converse, and also has a room dedicated to her collection. She has so many pairs that she stores some of them in large cardboard boxes.

Li Yifeng (李易峰) is another popular Mainland China actor who has been a part of many classic dramas. He is also the youngest winner of the China TV Golden Eagle Award Most Popular Male Actor award. He took a selfie of himself in his shoe closet, and there were rows and rows of sneakers proudly displayed.

Taiwanese singer, Show Luo (羅志祥 ), is an all-around performer who juggles singing, dancing, hosting, and acting. His shoe collection is the envy of many as it looks like a shoe store!

Source: Sina

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