Bai Jingting and Song Yi Rumored to Be Dating

Drama prince Bai Jingting (白敬亭) was recently exposed to be dating actress Song Yi (宋軼), as the paparazzi caught them appearing in the car park together accompanied by Bai’s father, which led to speculation that they were co-habiting and have met with each other’s parents!

Collaborating in New Costume Drama

The two had collaborated on the set of costume drama Destined <長風渡>, which just wrapped up filming on November 7. Releasing a video of Bai Jingting, a paparazzo named “Photographer Hammer Liu” spilled news that the actor brought Song Yi home to meet his parents, after which the two returned together to his apartment, chatting as they left. The couple was later spotted leaving their home together, with Bai Jing Ting taking the driver’s seat before Song Yi took the seat beside him.

While the two celebrities have yet to respond, netizens reacted positively on seeing the video and commented that they were very compatible. 29-year-old Bai Jingting, whose works include Fleet of Time <匆匆那年>, You Are My Hero <你是我的城池營壘>, Reset <開端> and Yesterday Once More <誰的青春不迷茫> won viewers’ hearts with his appearance on variety show Who’s The Murderer <明星大偵探> and has attained strong popularity. Four years his senior, actress Song Yi who has starred in The Disguiser <偽裝者>, Joy of Life <慶餘年> and My Heroic Husband <贅婿> is widely recognized for her acting chops.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. For the longest time, I seriously thought she is much older. Anyway, both of them are adults and single, not married, engaged or attached so why not.
    Currently enjoying the drama “New Life Begins”, must admit that I try to watch it because of Xiao Bai then continue for the plot and the characters while not paying much attention of the romance development of the leading characters. Don’t recall liking the story when I read the novel.

    1. Seriously liking this new drama. The humor is on point, and the dialogue is refreshing. The FL is the darndest cutest FL I’ve seen in a while. While the ML is not as captivating looks-wise (he bears some resemblance to Cheng Yi), his acting is noticeably layered and good. I only noticed him in this drama as I haven’t seen his other works before. But I’m happy he’s getting more recognition and hopefully the FL will too!

      1. @Coralie He was the lead in Reset and supporting role in other dramas but think most netizens started to know him in the variety program Who’s the Murderer.
        Saw clip of the FL smiling very sweetly before but it’s my first time watching her drama. Glad she’s not one of those young idols who are painful to watch.
        Would be sorely disappointed if this drama quality drops midway.

      2. I am watching New Life Begins too. Bai Jing Ting is really good in Reset. Excellent acting and storyline in that one.

        I like the lighthearted vibe of this one. First time I have seen the FL, she is definitely cute and I may check out her other work which I hear is also nice.

      3. @PotatoChip I read some criticism about the storyline and not sure if it was this one (reset) or another one, but someone mentioned the younger actors outshone their older representation and the plot became mediocre halfway through. I don’t trust modern Cdramas as much

      4. @coralie and @BearBear I agree with BearBear that the acting was great at all ages, but Liu Tao’s was a forgettable and inconsequential character. Last episode was a bit of a let down, but this was because all the others were so good that is hard to meet that quality. Kinda like Love Between Fairy and Devil for me.

        Reset is a short series, so maybe give it a try when you get a chance. It’s the only memorable modern series this year for me.

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