Song Yi Wears Bai Jingting’s Clothes

Rumored to be dating after playing onscreen lovers in historical drama Destined <長風渡>, Bai Jingting (白敬亭) and Song Yi (宋軼) are found to be sharing a wardrobe!

The two actors were discovered by sharp-eyed netizens to have stayed at the same hotel in Sanya, despite posting their photos taken at the island one month apart. On her June 24 livestream, Song Yi was seen in her onscreen costume plus an oversized black hodded jacket, which matches Bai Jingting’s. Astute fans and netizens then dug up more instances of the two donning matching couple wear, leading to exclamations that they were literally “sharing a wardrobe”!

“Wife-loving” Bai Jingting Melts Hearts
With a marriage-before-love story arc, Destined sees the two leads gradually falling in love despite starting off as bickering partners. Under Liu Yu Ru (Song Yi)’s teachings, hedonistic rich young master Gu Jiu Si (Bai Jingting) changes to become more responsible by the day. Standing up in her defence after she is publicly teased, Bai Jingting goes to the extent of breaking the other party’s leg and demands him to apologize, getting viewers starry-eyed with his wife-loving dramaland antics!

Melting viewers’ hearts a hundred times over, Bai Jingting tells Song Yi in a drunken confession scene, “I’m afraid of no one, but today I am fearful, because now, I have you, could you never regret marrying me?” to which she instantly replies, “I won’t!”

On top of abundant photographic evidence such as “boyfriend’s angle and girlfriend’s angle” posts, one particular photo shared by Song Yi focusing on a selfie on her handphone accidentally revealed Bai Jingting’s thumbnail in her phone’s photo gallery – prompting netizens to name it an “iron-fisted proof” of their blossoming romance!

Careful to safeguard the relationship, both celebrities are also keen not to blur the focus on their respective careers. Besides deliberately updating their socials a month apart, the two leads have yet to appear together to publicize the drama, leading fans to lament “what a pity”!

Source: Upmedia

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  1. I tend to give these melons a lol, but with this pair, lawl, they must be like whatever XD happy for them

  2. Their new drama is just oozIng with love… I really love this two artist. Both are not attention seekers and not just want to be very good actors. They both are very hardworking, well mannered and steadfast in building their career…. I wish them happiness regardless they are dating or not.

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