5 Chinese Actors With Tiny Waists

Voluminous historical costumes often flesh out actors’ screen appearances, but their waist size often gives clues to their true figures underneath all the layers.

Admired for his graceful aura in historical dramas, including the much anticipated drama Immortality <皓衣行>, Chinese actor Leo Luo Yunxi (罗云熙) has always kept a slender figure. Perhaps because of overworking, Yunxi has been looking alarmingly skinny in recent candid photos.

At a Christian Dior event, the 32-year-old actor wore a shirt tucked into black slacks. The pants were too big for him, so the stylist had to use a binder clip to tighten the waistline from the back! The photos exposed Yunxi’s tiny waist, which became a hot trending topic on Weibo.

Revealing his measurements publicly, Yunxi’s waist is only 62 centimeters (24.4 inches), and may be slimmer than many actresses!

Yunxi is also known for his skinny legs, and is often compared with Yang Mi (杨幂), who possesses “chopstick legs.” However, the former ballet dancer is very strong and lifted co-star Yang Zi (杨紫) in Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉烬如霜> easily.

Aside from Yunxi, there are several other male celebrities known for their slender physiques. Hoping to look more elegant in his costumes during the filming of The Untamed <陈情令>, Xiao Zhan (肖战) had fasted for three days. His waist was also noticeably slim in Douluo Continent <斗罗大陆> in contrast to his 6-foot frame.

Wang Yibo ( 王一博) also lost a lot of weight to give a convincing portrayal of his sickly, poisoned character in Legend of Fei <有翡>.

Singer Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤), a regular on variety show Keep Running <奔跑吧兄弟>, also possesses a tiny waist that would anger females.

However, there is one actor who has a waist even smaller than Luo Yunxi, and that is Bai Jingting (白敬亭). He is known for being an avid gym enthusiast and shows off his eight pack abs in You Are My Hero <你是我的城池营垒>. When Jingting appeared on variety show Go Fridge <拜托了冰箱>, his waist was measured to be only 59 centimeters (23.2 inches)!

There are mixed opinions from netizens in regards to slender men who may appear weak and unsuitable for certain roles. For example, an overly skinny actor may not be persuasive as an intimidating, charismatic CEO but Jingting proves that screen presence is more important for a role. While his waist size may rival Yang Mi, he rocks his military uniform in You Are My Hero <你是我的城池营垒>.

Source: Sohu

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I actually find many Chinese newer actors too skinny… But that is just my own opinion…

    1. @hohliu I can never understand the Chinese netizens’ obsession with skinny and pale male stars. To be honest I was put off by BJT’s tiny waist in You Are My Hero coz he looked so disproportioned and LYX is looking like a drug addict.

  2. They kinda look weird? Lord esp that last pic of YM? Oh Lord! Is that suppose to be attractive?

  3. I actually think it’s okay if you just work out a lot. I work out 6 days a week 3 hours a day to destress and not lose weight but the spillover benefit is a 24″ waist. I can eat a whole medium pizza by myself in one sitting.

    1. @jesspepperwang That’s amazing that you’re so dedicated to exercising. Three hours a day sounds intensive!

      I’ve packed on some pandemic pounds that I’ve been trying to lose–the summer time always motivates me to exercise again because can’t hide in my summer outfits. I’ve been doing Coffee Lam’s yoga videos on YouTube four days this week (each time 30 minutes) and lost two pounds. Hope to have continuing progress.

      1. @jayne Good work! I had pause for 6 months on exercising and just started again last week. Feel so out of shape. I use to be able to do so many squats, but now my legs are yelling at me. They don’t even want to bend to sit down. Lol.

      2. @potatochip I didn’t work out for 6 months either! Exercise is seasonal for me though. I tend to get busy with all the winter holidays and overeat with the celebrations. Usually my winter weight is about 3 to 5 pounds heavier, but the pandemic added to more stress snacking. Ahh…instead of buying bigger sized clothes, I decided I must lose weight.

        In the summer time, my appetite is reduced with the hot weather and I yearn for more salads and fruits, which also help.

        Just start with your favorite exercise routines and get back to it slowly. If you are consistent for two weeks, you’ll probably gain back the strength. I find 20 minutes during an unproductive part of the day more frequently throughout the week is better than trying to exercise for a full 6o minutes on select days, which leads to easier procrastination.

      3. @jayne Consistency is key and by the sounds of your rate, 2 pounds in just one week, you are doing better than me. I was only paying attention to my resting heart rate and sleep cycles when I first restarted exercising. It wasn’t until Month 4 that I noticed I lost weight because someone said “You lost weight Jess.”

  4. I’d prefer my man to have a bit of belly.. So that I squished squashed it and make a smiley face! Lol

  5. I find myself struggling between body positivity and “that’s just too darn skinny”. If the camera adds 10 lbs, this doesn’t seem healthy. Perhaps it’s because they are young and still have an amazing metabolism.

  6. No woman wants to compete with her man for skinniness. The pressure their significant other will have to endure is tremendous. Who’s the real woman here.

  7. i don’t think it is by choice. aren’t these idol actors? i don’t think they are allowed to gain weight or eat what they want. plus with their busy schedules, they probably don’t have enough time to eat.

  8. I am really confused with some guys mentioned here. Both BJT and Leo are chocked full of muscle judging from their shirtless shots but how come their waist rivaled many females????

    1. @niangniang Leo Wu certainly did not look slim like the guys above. He looks pretty good w/o the shirt and w/shirt his waistline is not scary looking like the guys above. lol..I think he looks pretty good at age 21 and did not look too feminine. Leo Luo Yunxi (罗云熙) – Now this guys scares me esp I find him pretty good healthy looking in that old series w/Bosco Wong now just creeps me out. BJT does not appeal face or figure wise. But yes, all these above looks a bit too much except Xiao Zhan looks pretty good overall.

      1. @wm2017
        Leo Luo looks extremely skinny after Ashes of Love but he was never meaty to begin with. I saw his old picture with him in a Speedo, despite looked skinny but surprisingly he wasn’t all bones and skin. He was lithe with define muscles.

        BJT showed off his 6/8 packs and super biceps/triceps which were totally surprising with THAT waist.

        XZ is super lanky. This guy got long arms and legs and even face that made him looks taller than his 183 cm. I don’t think he got any muscle to shows…haha

      2. @niangniang XZ definitely showed biceps in
        a shirtless scene in 2019’s Joy of Life. The anorexic look among celebs is not appealing otherwise.

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