The Rise of Luo Yunxi

Since gaining recognition for his role in Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉烬如霜>, Mainland actor Leo Luo Yunxi (罗云熙) received the nod to play lead roles. As expected, he garnered great praises starring as the protagonist in And the Winner is Love <月上重火>, and more recently, office rom-com Love is Sweet <半是蜜糖半是伤>. Displaying intense chemistry with co-star Bai Lu (白鹿) in Love is Sweet, the role came at the right time for Yunxi, allowing him to show viewers that he is more than capable of a dimensional performance. Surging in popularity with a growing fanbase in tow, Yunxi is quickly rising to the top ranks of the hottest Chinese actors. However, the 32-year-old did not achieve such stardom easily; he rerouted his career twice before settling into acting.

Changed Careers Two Times

Coming from a performative arts family, Yunxi was influenced by his father, who was a dance teacher, to begin learning dance at a young age. After training in ballet for 11 years, he got admitted to both Beijing Dance Academy and Shanghai Theater Academy in 2005. He chose to major in ballet at the latter without a thought as actor Hu Ge (胡歌), who he greatly admired, was an alumnus there. Soon after graduation, he worked as a dance instructor at the School of Dance of Macao Conservatory. A year later, the actor wanted some change in his career and decided to become a trainee. In 2010, he made his music debut in a boy band called JBOY3. However, the group failed to gain popularity, and they soon disbanded in 2012.

Staying resilient, Yunxi changed his career path to becoming an actor. For a few years, he was relatively unknown until he landed the role of Runyu in Ashes of Love. With clean looks and a graceful aura, Yunxi possessed a disposition that reflected the character. This was also the case with his character in And the Winner is Love, as his elegant temperament had many fans fawning over him. Although he received great love from these two works, his fans were also worried that he would be typecast into playing reserved characters.

Displayed a New Side of Himself

However, it turns out that they did not need to worry because Yunxi’s loving and domineering role as a boss in Love Is Sweet clearly shows the actor is also capable of handling fun and light-hearted characters. Viewers are also able to see a new side of him being free and experimental while displaying a range of emotions. Such acting was held back in his previous two roles to construct a very refined image. So, undeniably it is very refreshing to see him let go of himself to play Yuan Shuai, who is seemingly very strict but is actually a big softie on the inside.

Showing diverse capabilities and a good image, it is unsurprising these are the reasons why the director cast him. While the contrast in his character’s personality is one of the main highlights of the drama, it would not be apparent without Bai Lu playing his female counterpart. The romantic sparks between them are as vivid and passionate as their personalities, and it is undeniable that their bickering is an entertaining show.

Prohibited From Dating for Five Years

While he is free to express his loving side in Love is Sweet, Yunxi’s contract states that he is prohibited from dating in real life for five years. However, he is not too concerned about it as he is devoted to his acting career.

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Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu Kick up Some Office Romance in “Love Is Sweet”

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    1. @coralie when I read the dating clause, I looked him up to see if he is 32 or 23. Even if he is 23, no one should be allowed to have a dating clause in their contract, especially if said person is of adult age. The man is 32. I must say though, even if he was considered an idol, (I so hate the word), idols are human beings and have feelings, needs and wants. This is total geriatric, controlling behaviour from the studios and managers. I would like to see the manager or company that would tell me I can’t date at my age. They would have to keep their job.
      Two boys were told in 2019 to stay away from each other after they fell in love during the making of their BL drama. That pissed me off. No one should control the feelings of love they have for each other. This story reminds me of them.

      1. @renren
        I totally agree with you and refuse to use the word idol. I often just call them artists, singers or actors. They are human beings with feelings,needs, desires,etc.. and are not robots. It makes me sad and mad that people must suppress their feelings just because of all these restrictions. Which 2 boys are you referring to that fell in love making a BL series? I feel the worse for same sex couples as they often fall in love but cannot show it and must hide like criminals due to the homophobic and conservative society and public. People should be free to love who they want to.

      2. @renren I agree with you that idols should still have the right to their own lives. However, most people who sign up to be an idol generally understands what they’re signing themselves up for in exchange for company’s support. And the underlying agreement is that they can’t date, because it takes away from their popularity and is basically trashing the company’s investment on them. They get the freedom to date once the company’s recouped their losses. I’m not delving into the ethics of that, but I can understand the reason. Yunxi is different in that he’s on the actor’s path which allows him some freedom as long as he’s good at acting. And he is from what I can tell (still too skinny though.) He doesn’t need his company’s support because he’s doing well on his own. For that reason, he doesn’t need to stay on idol’s path.

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