Luo Yunxi is Injured on Set of “Follow Your Heart”

Luo Yunxi’s (羅雲熙) popularity is at an all-time high after Till The End of the Moon <長月燼明> and remains frequently cast in historical dramas.  Recently filming Follow Your Heart <顏心記> with Song Yi (宋軼), Luo Yunxi got hurt and was taken to the hospital.

In the photos, Luo Yunxi’s face had a pained expression. Sitting in a wheelchair at the hospital entrance, his left leg was encased in a heavy cast. Fans were shocked and worried about the actor’s health after seeing that his legs were extremely skinny.

This was not the first time Luo Yunxi got hurt during work. In 2019, he filmed many fighting scenes for And the Winner is Love <月上重火> and there were rumors that he had to go the hospital. At the time, his studio explained he had sprained his ankle while filming a running scene. Later, a member of the crew revealed that an employee did not pull the wire properly while Luo Yanxi was up in the air. He fell down and was unable to get back up. After entering the hospital, Luo Yunxi was discovered to have two broken bones and ligaments in his leg.

Not wanting to delay the filming progress of And the Winner is Love,  Luo Yunxi decided to return to work. Due to not getting enough rest, it developed into a chronic injury which would flair up whenever he filmed intense action scenes.

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  1. Health and safety regulations in China filming industry is still not up to high standards… Often it can be overworked crews, untrained crews, underpaid crews, bosses siphoning filming budgets, few hash accountability for injuries by regulators etc…
    If Yunxi sues for his injuries, he will be blacklisted by industry. He can only get on with work..

  2. These pictures of him are so scary. Is he overworking or has an eating disorder? Anyway, hope he recovers soon.

    1. He’s been scary looking for a long time but people still seems to think he’s handsome. Anorexic and just weird looking to me. He used to be very healthy and can be called good looking in that older series before he hit it big but forgot the name now.

  3. I am going to say this:
    1. He is a professionally trained ballet dancer, so his slim frame makes sense
    1B. What’s nerve racking part is that he already gained weight for this role
    2. Godfrey Gao passed away from over exerting himself on a reality show due to negligence
    3. Not much has changed regulations wise since GG’s passing

    1. @jesspepperwang
      1. As the new GOV guidelines are to promote healthier looking artists… Guys to look more manly and not super fair with red lips etc… I too know Leo have been trying to add more bulk to his dancer body. He is dieting to add weight instead of losing weight. But he is still looking very slim, he definitely have high metabolic rate….I wish I have it too. But there are many popular ancient costume actors wjo are very slim too, in fact, I find Cheng Yi have loss alot of weight in his most recent drama… His face is looking too chiseled, Leo Luo is the same. Not due to plastic surgery, just working too hard..

      2-3: Definitely agree with you. It is clearly something that regulators are not consistently keep up, only when the next accident happens then they take action for 3mths then lapse again…

    2. you are right he is trained ballet dancer but I can confirm that he looks beyond anorexic irl. His fans have good grounds to be worried. All Chinese young stars, make and female are so thin bts, but it looks devastating for male actors as we are used to healthier bigger frames. I always quote one of the older actresses ‘they look like ghosts, you can see through them’. Chinese casting directors are obsessed with thin and tall, they pad their clothes and give them muscle suits when filming rather than have healthy person on the set. There is no indication this will change it actually got worse in past few years. Most of the guys leg are not bigger than my hand. If they continue like that they will just vanish one day. They promote unhealthy standards and everyone is so afraid for their careers that they diet constantly and heavily. Some of them when filming even restrict water intake, it is painful to watch. No one even talks seriously about it, they just praise everyone when they lose. Hollywood was obsesses with 0 size, Chollywood is obsessed with 000.

      1. @Dee “Hollywood was obsesses with 0 size, Chollywood is obsessed with 000” Love this… In UK, the top artistes are really not base on good looks and slim built. The audience here really dont want a Hollywood beauty, they want to which proper acting. I found that very interesting.

        In China with new Gov guidelines, I hope the thin weight demand improves…. But I dont believe anyone should body shame any actors who are thin… as Leo is. I know he is trying to add some bulk back as he too knows he is too thin, but it is just as hard for him to put on weight as others to loss weight. He is a hardworking guy with high metabolic rate.

        But this injury could be a blessing for him… It forces him to rest properly and he can take this time to build his health back whilst healing his bones and injuries.

      2. @Hohliu my apologies if my comment came across as fat-shaming. It was actually the opposite, more coming from a place of empathy. I believe that actors and actresses are often forced by their agencies and casting directors to adhere to unnaturally thin standards. Every bad picture on Weibo can cost them their next role, and even being 2-3 kg heavier can lead to fat-shaming in C-ent. And trust me their manager do not hold this for themselves. On the other hand, in the West, especially in the UK, casting is more focused on talent and the agreement of looks including weight, muscles, skin tone, etc. Talents are given time to achieve that desired appearance because the emphasis is on their acting abilities and psychological capacity to build up the required persona. Of course, not everyone follows this approach . Also the US market is often less talent-friendly and more appearance-friendly, high Socials traffic driven as well, but top talents do enjoy these benefits. Current Chinese standards take it to another level, where unless you meet a certain weight criteria, you may not even be invited to audition. Unfortunately, the situation is not improving; talents are often used up quickly, and very few can hope for career longevity. Leo is a sweet guy and I am sure he is doing all he can to be healthy and may be this might help him. I just hope he is not pressured into this u healthy thin zone.

      3. @Dee, I would never thought you did… I read concern instead of fat shaming from you. I would never think you would suggest otherwise. You are wise and knows the in and outs of the industry. I too hope the weight obsession is less strict. Cheng Yi is looking haggard and his face drained due to his weight loss too. I hope he does not fall into the state Leo gets…they should not overwork…
        It is just others that does it and give him unpleasant labels because of his weight. I am fond of Leo Luo because I have seen his hardwork, dedication and journey in this industry. But those that gives him nasty labels because he is losing too much weight and makes his features too chiseled. I found those uncomfortable.

  4. This guy is sick & unhealthy… I blacklist him buy not watching any drama with him…

    Also, are you guy notice that, he use this to PR… so sick

    1. Do you even think? He’s on the last week of filming. Anyone who has a brain would rather push through the last week of work to then get a good break. No one would bother to fake sickness to not be able to complete the last week of work to lengthen the whole process and make themselves look bad.
      He doesn’t need the public sympathy because he isn’t chasing the public love as much as the other idols. He knows the media love to paint him in a bad light that he would rather stay low. So no, he isn’t doing this for PR or for some sympathy. Go and look at the video of how he handled his injury on set. Not even a noise, just quietly wiping his tears (could be sweat, who knows because the cam quality is quite bad, but you can see he’s enduring the pain). So go away, haters -.- if you don’t like him, ok. Don’t need to justify it with his thin figure. And before you can spew nonsense about how he’s anorexic, he isn’t. Ppl keeps thinking thin = anorexic, but ppl forget the most important thing about anorexia, is that you won’t have energy to do anything. He can play game for multiple hours with high concentration, he can lift his costar and carry them. He is fine.

      1. A real example of one who body shame someone. Leo is one who loves his art and will dedicate hours to perfect his art. He is one actor many producers like to work with. He is humble and professional. And you are right to say he is not one that wants excess limelight. I have to say, did you noticed how he rarely goes on variety shows. He rarely have photos from Paz outside work and he does not chase after PR… He just want to do just job well, play computer games when he is off work…

      2. @Hohliu considering the amount of backlashes against him about his figure, he could have proven he’s not anorexic in a lot of way, think AB lol. But nope, he just said thank you for everyone’s concern, take photos of his meals. And ppl who don’t follow him (I don’t but I’m hanging out with a bunch of Leo’s fans so they keep me up to date), don’t know the injure is from the old injury while he was filming and the winner is love. Without proper resting, and yet still doing his own stunts, that’s why it keeps coming back.

  5. If those photos are not photoshopped then they’re very concerning. He might have some sort of eating disorder. Although he was a trained ballet dancer, his legs shouldn’t look like that. I stopped watching his series because he just looked so unhealthy that i feel bad for him.

    1. I can feel your pain and concern too…I hope he properly rest and allow his body to absorb more calories in his system and not just released them.

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