Luo Yunxi and Wu Qian Race to Save Lives in “Light Chaser Rescue”

Five years since their last collaboration, Leo Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙) and Janice Wu Qian (吳倩) work together again in rescue drama Light Chaser Rescue <追光者>. Premiering on October 14, the series achieved a staggering traffic flow of 77.495 million and also topped the hottest drama list after just five days!

Light Chaser Rescue is a romantic action story that begins with an unexpected, yet thrilling encounter between lawyer Luo Ben (Luo Yunxi) and doctor Zhan Yan (Wu Qian). Crossing paths again in a devastating earthquake, Yunxi desperately reaches out to Zhan Yan to save his injured mute sister. Eventually, through various rescue events, Luo Ben realizes the selflessness and meaningful differences that the volunteer team and Zhan Yan make to save as many lives as they can. He later joins the rescue team with a strong motivation to contribute his efforts in helping those in need.

With the initial heated discussions , many hope Light Chaser Rescue would not lose its steam in later episodes. Despite its buzz netizens point out Yunxi looked almost unrecognizable with his thin physique and incapable of the rescue scenes, since he appears even more delicate than Wu Qian. Many viewers encourage the actor to not skip his meals and bulk up so he is more suitable for his characters.

Additionally, Wu Qian is criticized for her stiff acting, as she essentially did not smile at all in the first few episodes. Failing to thank Yunxi’s character for  catching the pervert and threatening him to hand over the phone is perceived as rude and unnecessary. However, some viewers disagree with the criticisms and believe Wu Qian deliberately crafted the character with growth potential and to show the contrast between the lead characters .

Although Yunxi and Wu Qian previously worked together in My Sunshine <何以笙簫默> and A Life Time Love <上古情歌>, their onscreen romances either did not end well or they were not the main leads. Viewers are delighted they can be seen together again in Light Chaser Rescue as many expressed, “After years of waiting, Yunxi and Wu Qian are finally playing a couple!”

“Light Chaser Rescue” Trailer

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  1. I am sure Luo Yunxi would not deliberately go on a slimming diet… His metabolism is just very fast and he cannot bulk up like others naturally… I bet he too wish he can look fitter but to be reminder so often must be so tiresome.
    I remember this young actors from years ago… I am happy to watch these pairing again.

    1. Maybe he’s gotten skinnier because he had to stay slim for his other role in that drama with Bai Lu.
      I’ve always felt he was too skinny for me, though. I laughed at the comment about him being even more fragile than Wu Qian; his stature def isn’t convincing

      1. The new censorship guideline is encouraging actors to look more manly, I sincerely hope Leo will not be cancelled just because he is too slim and delicate looking.. I do not watch all his dramas but I do enjoy those I do watch..
        His dancing and ballet background does make him look so graceful in period costumes..

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