Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu To Battle Dark Forces in “Till the End of the Moon”

An anticipated pairing since their chemistry as enemies-turned-lovers sizzled up screens in office romance Love is Sweet <半是蜜糖半是傷>, fans are thrilled for sparks to fly again between Leo Luo Yunxi (罗云熙)and Bai Lu (白鹿) in upcoming Youku-produced xianxia romance Till the End of the Moon <長月燼明>.

Proven Fit for Costume Dramas

One of the most popular costume stars in C-drama, Luo Yunxi appeared to have found his niche in period dramas after maneuvering career tracks, as he consistently wows viewers with steady acting chops and screen charm in historical costumes. Actress Bai Lu was similarly praised for her suitability in carrying off ethereal red outfits best, after she stunned in ancient romance One and Only <周生如故>.

Adapted from web novelist Teng Luo Wei Zhi’s (藤蘿為枝) xianxia novel Black Moonlight Holds the BE script <黑月光拿穩BE劇本>, Li Susu (Bai Lu) had once miraculously escaped the clutches of the demon lord (Luo Yunxi). To trace the origins of the evil lord and thus stop his descent into inhumanity, she was tasked on a mission to travel back in time by 500 years, where reincarnated as the domineering general’s daughter Ye Xiwu,  she found herself married to the future demon king Tan Taijin.

Knowing that he will later cruelly massacre the masses, she tried every trick to make him fall madly in love with her – fervently hoping to purge his demon roots so she can change destiny. Seeing an opportunity, she stabbed a deadly nail into his heart but unfortunately failed. Tan Tanjin flew into a seething rage, and she was forced to exchange part of her fairy soul for his demon root, sacrificing herself in the process. Realizing he has lost the love of his life, he began his search for her soul in the underworld for the next 500 years.


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  1. I miss Leo Luo on screen…him pairing with Bai Lu does excite me. I hope to the script is good…

    1. I hope they follow the book closely as it’s quite good, though there are a few problematic areas where I’m pretty sure they will censor/have to change to please censorship lol

      1. I better read the novel!!! But unfortunately all Chinese novels are censored these days….

  2. Beautiful styling…..It seems to be a trend at the moment in Cdrama to have an extra high bun and towering hair ornament.

  3. Ooooh I can smell the angst from a hundred miles away in this one. Love it! Looks successful already just from the plot. Excited.

    1. Lol… With these 2 stars, they can really portray such emotions every well… I am too excited about this drama.

      1. @Hohliu lol I’m actually not a fan of either (blasphemy I know)! but I don’t hate them, so I can accept them as leads. sometimes if a plot has enough depth and intrigue, who is casted as main leads don’t really make a huge difference. I will still watch because the plot is good.

  4. The pics look good but still need to wait for the actual trailer to know the overall effect. Don’t like painting the males white.
    A little worried about the supporting female’s lack of acting. She is a pretty actress but isn’t enough to overlook her wooden acting.

    1. It’s quite good. I love it, and basically binge it for a good whole week, it was long. But I couldn’t put it down lol. Toward the end, I kinda skip a few bits, but that’s because I was fatigue (I literally was reading non stop and cutting my sleep to like 4-5hrs >_<) and want to get to the end to know the ending lol

      1. @LittleFish will try to see if able to get hold of it to read it then. Harder to come by novels that I have the patience through every chapter.

      2. I think I only gave up on the “dream/alternative do over” part. Basically got to that stage of the book, where you know how much she loves him, and how much he loves her, though you saw how he turns back to full on evil, psychopath Lol, and then somehow there is an alternative dream, where I think he gets to choose how he starts and be the man he thinks she would like, and she kinda flat out went nope (my impression, I was seriously too fatigue to be able to sit through that lol). But the beginning part, wow! Like the dynamic between the 2 leads were intriguing lol. Then come the pearl princess love story, which is full of angst and riveting, I couldn’t stop reading when that part starts lol. I really love the female character, and funny enough when I read the book, I can totally see Bai Lu as the FL and LYX as the ML. Those 2 can definitely be these 2 characters. But yes, the 500yrs ago stuffs were really good. And then the present stuffs are quite decent as well. Basically I love everything about the book, except the final dream, which kinda feel draw out (because the book by this point is way too long already), though later on when the female lead talked about it, I realised the importance of that dream lol. Oh now I remember why I didn’t read that, because I started the novel with a good edit, but then that stopped half way through, so I started reading the second half (the present time) with bad editing, the sentence is like this: clean house she is doing. >_> so it really messes with my mind, and in the dream sequence, it would get really confusing if you have that sort of sentence structure at every sentence, and the mess up of he and she. Lol. It’s a complex book, so with bad editing, it’s a nightmare to read lol (because as much as they don’t do the 3 lives or however many lives like other xianxia, they do have 1 dream where they essentially role playing lol, and 1 dream where he pick n choose the script lol)

  5. It’s 9 nails she has to put through his heart to kill him. But she only managed 6. She got tortured, in pain due to the flower curse, felt the cruelty of his heart, and she has to complete her mission, so she swapped her fairy bone for his evil bone, essentially committed suicide (at least she thinks so)

  6. I finished the novel! I can see Leo Luo as ML, but have a harder time seeing Bai Lu as FL. I don’t know if I can think of someone who is a better fit as FL, though.

    1. I better find the novel to read too!! To be honest, there is really not a huge gene pool of good Chinese actress that can lead a drama, which is very disappointing, Bai Lu is still one of the actress that can do so. I too am not a fan of her but I dont dislike her. I like NiNi but she is too tall for many male co-stars.

      1. @Hohliu you can find links to the translated novel on Novel Updates dot com. I forget what chapter it’s up to now, though. I finished reading the rest of the book in Chinese (also very easy to find) if you can read Chinese. One thing I do like about the author, is that her vocab is broad and she doesn’t reuse and repeat descriptions a million times, unlike other web authors (e.g., “she’s so beautiful like the moon, the moon is how brightly her face is reflecting, BS like that.)

        Still, the plot had holes and the story’s not perfect. But it’s not the worst way to spend your time. Worthwhile read if you’re bored.

      2. @Hohliu and yes I agree with you, the dearth of cdrama actresses that can act, are popular and beautiful are sadly on the low end. It’s either they can act, but aren’t beautiful or they’re beautiful, but can’t really act or haven’t been given an opportunity to be in a lead role. Like Faye from Ashes of Love (she played Suihe or the evil villain who tried to steal Deng Lun.) I find her pretty. I also like NiNi, but I think she’s a little old for this role, at least next to Leo.

        Actually now that I think about it, if Christy Chung was like 30 yrs younger and can act, she would be perfect for this role.

      3. @Coralie I laughed when I read your comment on the repeated praised levy in lots of web novels, often I just roll my eyes..I read the novels in Chinese too..actually it is listening to novel in Chinese. I cut and paste on Google translate and listen to it read aloud… Thus I list as I do my stuff. Some of the web novelist and they repeated praises makes me laugh…
        I remember being blown away by Christy when she first came on screen…so many days ago..

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