Luo Yunxi and Song Yi’s “Follow Your Heart”  Trailer Shows Beautifully-Shot Scenes

Starring Leo Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙) and Song Yi (宋軼), historical romance Follow Your Heart <顏心記>, recently released a new trailer to mark the completion of filming. Attracting over 6.74 million views, the trailer showed beautifully-shot scenes. Under wistful, romantic lighting, Luo Yunxi and Song Yi shared wishful gazes and near-kissing moments. The dreamy visuals added to the intimacy factor.

Adapted from 2018 modern Korean drama, The Beauty Inside, the Chinese remake modified the storyline into a historical setting. Luo Yunxi portrays a prince who suffers from “face blindness” or inability to recognize faces due to an accident. Song Yi portrays a female doctor who suffers a strange transformation that causes her to change her appearance sporadically. They meet while investigating a case and eventually discover each another’s secrets. Overcoming their initial disagreements, they eventually solve cases, save the kingdom, and attempt to find the solution to Song Yi’s unstable transformations.

From the trailer, Song Yi also appears to be skilled at martial arts. Luo Yunxi is an adept fighter with many actions scenes. Netizens praised the martial arts scenes for their quality and sharp angles.

Although the drama will not air until next year, fans are already excited for Follow Your Heart. One fan expressed, “The scene where Luo Yunxi holds onto Song Yi’s hand has my heart melting!” Another wrote, “The pairing of Song Yi and Luo Yunxi will be a feast to the eyes. Their sweet, romantic scenes will not be dull. Looking forward to the drama’s broadcast!”

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  1. I am a fan of Song Yi, she is a actress that is not know as a idol but as a actress.She very steadily work her way to her currently status. She does not try to be a super star, she just wants to act roles that is suitable for her.

  2. this guy look so unhealthy, i have the girl but i will not watch this drama because of the guy…

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