Gong Jun Was Considered for Lead Role in “Till the End of the Moon”

While Leo Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙) seems to embody the angsty male lead in Till the End of the Moon <長月燼明> , it is surprising to discover that Gong Jun (龔俊) was actually the first choice in playing the male lead instead!

According to sources, the first round of casting began in 2021, and the team considered all factors when choosing who would play the lead roles, such as popularity rank, acting skills, and temperament. As Gong Jun’s Word of Honor <山河令> was a huge hit at that time, the crew had considered him for Till the End of the Moon, since his gentle yet fierce temperament greatly suited to play the evil demon Tan Taijin.

However, since Gong Jun agreed to film The Legend of Anle <安樂傳>, the crew turned to other candidates including Song Weilong (宋威龍) and Chen Xingxu (陳星旭). Due to scheduling conflicts again, neither  was able to accept the offer.

After some time, Yunxi was chosen because of his classic looks, capable acting skills, and existing chemistry with Bai Lu (白鹿), whom he costarred with in office romance Love is Sweet <半是蜜糖半是傷>. One would think that it was a complete no-brainer to cast Yunxi and Bai Lu again in another drama. Regardless, fans are glad that he and Bai Lu were able to collaborate again even though he was not the first casting choice. Yunxi and Bai Lu also shared that if they get the opportunity to work again for the third time, they prefer  a suspense drama where both would play the villain to show different sparks.

Source: [1]

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t have strong opinions about Gong Jun. I thought he was fine (not great), in Word of Honor. I haven’t seen him in anything else. I like Chen Xingxu, who obviously previously played a big walking red flag of a male lead in Goodbye My Princess. However, his build is probably too big to fit the character description. But I think Song Weilong is a terrible actor, and cannot imagine him in this role. I enjoyed watching Go Ahead as a family drama and felt he was the weakest link. As much as I think Luo Yunxi is too skinny for my personal taste, I find that he fits this role to a tee and has the acting chops to do it well.

  2. I honestly thought Leo was the perfect TTJ because of his demeanor and skinniness lol. I even said this when they first announced it on JS.

    I don’t know if Gong Jun would be a good TTJ fit because he’s kind of an untested candidate – unsure if his acting skills can pass the test. His WoH displayed him as a playful sissy lol with a vengeance… not in the same league as Leo.

    CXX – something must be wrong with me (or smart?) Cus I still haven’t watched Goodbye My Princess. The start of the drama made me lose interest already. But I thought he looked good in that one. Compare him there and My Starry Love; he wasn’t that cute. But if he was as sadistic in GMP, then I guess he could act as TTJ with no issues lol

  3. Uhm, some LYX fans on MDL said that LYX was the one and only considered applicant for the role of TTJ. They even bought 2 out of the 3 considered IP and he got to choose one of them, and he chose TTEOTM.

  4. Watched the interview of the people from the production and Leo was the only choice for the role since the beginning. GJ and SWL won’t be able to pull off such tormented role with their level of acting skills. CXX could be, but appearance wise he is too toned and muscular for an abused starved person.

  5. Is this real or just some rumors? I had watched dramas from all 4 of them and Luo Yunxi fits this role the best. Not to mention acting skills, he comes out on top. I think acting wise maybe Chen Xingxu could pull it off but like others said, he didn’t fit that role/description. Personally, I just don’t see him pulling off the weak and gentle Tan Taijin when he was torture. Gong Jun and Song Weilong’s actings aren’t there yet to play Tan Taijin.

  6. There has been director interviews for this series (go and look them up on YT) which said Leo was the only choice for the male lead. Even when he was hospitalised just before filming started, they did not consider changing the male lead. They had to play around with the filming schedule as they waited for his recovery. Leo fits the role perfectly with his appearance and his acting is very layered. His action scenes are a wonder to watch.

    All the other actors are talented as well. I don’t think it is right to comment on what could have happened if they took the role. They could have been great as well, but I am very impressed with the current cast, storyline and post-production. All have worked very hard on this project. Shame on those haters sparking the internet war.

  7. Sh*t!! I tend to watch a drama only after they complete airing… But this very active discussion on Jayne makes me want to start now! Seeing a number of regular news on this drama, this drama must be enjoyable to watch… Tempting!!!

    1. @Hohliu it’s getting juicy now that we’re on episode 28 lol! The major climax of arc 2 (arc 3?). This was a really quenching development of the plot and hits all the right spots. I think the one after this would be when he found YXW as a deity after he attained celestial cultivation. Can’t wait!

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