“The Legend of Anle” Slated for Release

Since Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) and Simon Gong Jun’s (龔俊) new drama The Legend of Anle <安樂傳> wrapped in 2021, word has been sparse till it was recently rumored to air on July 12th, right on the heels of Hidden Love <偷偷藏不住> starring Rosy Zhao (趙露思) and Chen Zheyuan (陳哲遠)!

Dilraba Shows Flirting Antics in New Snippets Teaser

In May this year, The Legend of Anle went up Weibo search ranks when rumors swirled that there were “no kissing scenes” throughout the historical drama, save for a forehead kiss. Expressing surprise at the rumor, netizens bemoaned a “waste” of the two hotties’ extraordinary looks if it were so.

Luckily for fans on both sides awaiting sizzling sparks between the two, the rumors dispersed themselves when the latest behind-the-scenes teaser released by the crew showed Dilraba and Gong Jun’s sweet interactions – Gong Jun falls to the ground helplessly and shouts, “What are you doing?” as Dilraba smiles sweetly while leaning close on him, replying, “Just lay still and be good!”


The scene then shifts to Dilraba and Gong Jun rowing a boat when she tries to snatch the oars from him; she unexpectedly lifts her leg up high the next moment to tease him, to which he replies, “So fearsome right from the start?” Even when the boat capsizes, and the two fall into the water, Dilraba does not forget to play to the occasion. Leaning in close to Gong Jun, she says, “Prince must spend more time with me, and you’ll surely be impressed!”

Mesmerized by Dilraba’s “flirting” repertoire, netizens praised the actress and responded with hilarious comments, “I’m online waiting for Ren Anle to flirt with me”, and “Anle, I’m right here!”

Recapping the Plot

Sweet interactions aside, the 40-episode adaptation from “The Emperor’s Book” is actually a tale of revenge centered on Di Zi Yuan (Dilraba), who changes her name to Ren Anle after her family is beheaded an edict following treason accusations. Anle tries her best to settle folks left homeless by the ongoing wars, while investigating the truth behind her family’s tragic fate. Unexpectedly, Crown Prince Han Ye (Gong Jun) appoints her as one of his people and the two start joining hands to solve major corruption cases and finally usher in an era of peace, and Anle also manages to restore her family’s good name.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. Did anyone read the news about the comment Jin Xing made on Actress who dares to wear low necklines but still cover their chest with their hands awkwardly. The comment was supposedly targeting Dilraba. I dont have a opinion to that comment but her comment after did make me lift me eyebrows. “Covering up cause you are worried poor people will see but afraid rich people cannot see”. That is definitely a b*tchy comment. Unsure how true it is… but if I have Dilraba’s looks and figure, I will wear as many outfits I like. Who care who is jealous…

    1. I did hahaha.
      Her rich vs poor audience comment is insulting in my opinion but on a second thought, I wonder if she has witnessed/ heard about things that we haven’t as an insider or just been baselessly rude.
      As for her comment about being confident when dressed up without having to cover up with their hands, I actually have the same opinion for a long time before she made that comment and yes, my view was from Reba’s red carpet or events appearance. It’s not the same when one bends to pick up something from the ground so uses her hand to cover. Knowing that she has to walk on red carpet or go up up the stage, why not then choose something she’s more comfortable with. Did she sign some contract where there’s a clause stating that she cannot have an opinion in how she’s being dressed up because I doubt she cannot say no to her dressing in her current status.

      1. I saw the video of her covering her chest as she walks…I felt tired for her if she had to do that the whole event. She is definitely better off wearing a dress she is confident and comfortable in.
        I did wonder if Jin Xing had insider information too.

      2. I always have an opinion that if you decided to showed some skins or in Reba’s case, cleavage why bother to covered it? I always wonder every single time I saw her in those kind of dresses. So I do agreed with Jin Xing to some degress….haha

    2. I do agree with her in some degree, too lol. Like I can understand if sometimes she does it, or when she bend down, ok. But there was video of her just walking, no matter what dress (that show cleavage), she would have her hands there, man, what’s the point of wearing the dress lol. I like her enough as an actress, but her dress/red carpet style and personal make me tired >_< like that poofy pink dress in some weibo/whatever night, she has to like trying to get it out of the way many times, got to a point where it’s ridiculous and all she’s doi no is be in other people’s way -.-
      I think she should just wear one that she likes for the carpet then one for the ceremony where it’s not in the way, and lots of nude sticky tape -.-

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