“Till the End of the Moon” Mocked for its Production Blunders

Starring Bai Lu (白鹿) and Luo Yun Xi (羅雲熙), the highly anticipated fantasy drama Till the End of the Moon <長月燼明> has premiered to a great start and is topping the popularity charts. While the drama is generally praised by netizens, the drama is not without criticism and netizens can’t help but complain about the drama’s poor dubbing and camera filtering

In the drama, Li Susu (Bai Lu) witnesses the death of her father and loved one perished by the hand of demons. In an attempt to stop the demons from causing more harm, Li Susu is sent back in time to stop the demon lord from awakening and assumes the identity of Ye Xi Su, a general’s daughter who is married to Tantai Jin (Luo Yun Xi), the future demon lord.

After premiering more than six episodes all at once, netizens notice that the dubbing is out of sync with the actor’s mouth movement. Netizens wrote, “The out-of-sync dubbing is really frustrating. The greater the expectation [for the drama], the greater the disappointment.”

Although high-definition editing is generally appreciated, netizens complain that Till the End of the Moon uses too much high-definition camera that exposes Bai Li’s blemishes, Luo Yun Xi hair covering and his ear piercing. The netizens wrote, “It doesn’t have to be this high-definition, add some filters!”

Despite the blunders, netizens were impressed by the drama’s special effects and costume designs and acknowledge that the production team has spent a huge sum on the special effects. Many netizens praised the scenes where Luo Yun Xi used his demon eye powers and described it as being vivid.

The netizens also praised the cast’s acting. Netizens were especially touched by Bai Lu’s explosive acting and praised her ability to portray sadness, anger and hatred. While some netizens are concerned that the plot is too cruel, the drama is recognized for adding lighthearted and funny scenes.

Overall, netizens agree that the drama’s quality is above average and agreed that the production blunders had largely been addressed after the first episode. As the drama continues to air, netizens are curious about its rating and seeing if it can surpass last year’s top drama Love Between Fairy and Devil <苍兰诀>.

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. OMG…looking at the photo with the HD nose image made me laugh…I really find some of C-netizens ability to fault find amusing to read..

  2. I wonder if the drama’s plot is good cuz the initial drama posters were so beautiful. Anyway, I also saw one with Luo Yunxi’s nose hair lmfao. I feel like Chinese netizens shouldn’t be so picky. If the filter is too strong, they criticize. When there’s minimal filter, they also criticize. Can’t satisfy everyone…

  3. Some netizens can’t be satisfied unless they can find fault. Overall, the production is beautifully done with a better than average story.

  4. I love the drama so far! It follows the book quite well, and if we are not time constraints and censorship, I’m pretty sure we would get a much much better drama. But BL and LYX are literally LSS and TTJ. When I read the book, I can see how these two actors act the scenes, and I can say it was just as I thought lol! And their kisses are just hot hot hot lol. Can’t wait for MingYe arc!

  5. It’s a really great drama. Leo is an actor who acts with his whole body from top to toes. Being a professional ballet dancer does helps a lot, I’m sure. BL also a good actress with great chemistry with Leo. The Hu Li Jing surprises me a lot, never saw her in anything but the moment she appears on screen she commands attention. Love her. The ones nitpicked by Cnetizens are very minor problems, IMO.

  6. You can never win and will never be able to please everyone. I actually like the minimal filters and we could see the actors’ pores too. I noticed more filters were added on when they were in the immortal realm while there were minimal filters in the mortal world. I really like and appreciate that. This drama is so so good so far. My only complaint is the cut. We can clearly see scenes were cut out due to censorship.

  7. I freaking love the set design and costumes for this drama. It’s so refreshing and gorgeous to look at. They’re colorful, vivacious and slinky/elegant. Exactly the kind of costumes I’ve dreamed of seeing for a long, long time.

    With that said – I’m not feeling the chemistry between Leo and BaiLu. I hope, as their relationship deepens, I will feel it more. But as of now, their relationship is kind of sterile to me (prob the result of censorship amongst other things.)

    I cried a few times when I read the novel. This has yet to happen to me when I’m watching the drama. So I hope it’s just a matter of time.

    1. @Coralie This drama ratings is doing very well and gain many praises for its DunHuang style costume different from regular pastel Xianxia…

      Remember the old days of HongKong Wuxia drama with their costumes? There are like 2-3 standards costume range that many dramas just reuse. They dont have budget China have. But I still enjoyed the dramas…

      1. @Hohliu yup this one’s gotta do well cus we’ve been having a xianxia/costume drought. The last good one was Starry Love and while it was cute, it’s certainly not a blockbuster. Plus, BaiLu and Leo are also super popular – there’s no way this drama isn’t gonna hit a ratings high.

        I definitely love the color combos and the accessories. I think TVB has those similar costumes once upon a time, and always tried new things with costume designs (even if they were always reused after.) I still thought the leading ladies were adequately fashioned and jewelry/hair fits their image. Over time they just lost that drive and money to try new things out.

        I might not enjoy Leo and BaiLu’s relationship as much due to other factors, but I am sticking around to watch for the pretty.

      2. @coralie yup, initially he did not care to save her at his own expense, but when it comes to he’s being poison and half blind, he would calculated his risk, at least in the novel it shows he’ll do what best his survival chance. He has power while she’s a normal human, she can run around get him medicine n help. Taking a hit knowing you won’t die or letting the person that can run around try to save you to die, what do you think is your best choice lol

    2. Are you up to the latest episode? Interesting how you don’t feel the chemistry yet lol. I love everything about this drama so far, and the bts is just sooo good lawl!

      1. I am up to episode 16. I think the fault lies with the plot. It’s fast but the plot is choppy and relationship progress is like, wut, how did this happen? They went from 0 to 100. He could be intrigued by her, sure, but to actually love her?

        Nevermind the MingYe arc which has nothing to do with TTJ and YXW’s relationship (I mean it adds a depth to their feelings after coming out of the dream), but it is NOT them.

        And as for the two of them – I just can’t seem to understand TTJ’s feelings for YXW. When I read the novel, yes I registered his feelings as love – his actions said so at least. But he’s supposed to be this unfeeling monster. They portrayed him one way and then another for YXW. I saw it as more like he idolized her – he appreciated her as an adversary and respected her for her prowess. And he loved her for saving him – time and time again. BUT she also betrayed him many times over. Over time they don’t even know how to separate those feelings for each other – hate and love. But that feeling of love didn’t really show up till they were in that period when he finally lost her when she jumped off the wall. Before that, it was like foreplay haha

      2. For now, this drama isn’t one which I want to rewind and rewatch. But maybe later when we see more happen, and the plot is developed further, I could change my mind

      3. Uhm, atm, TTJ doesn’t love YXW? He saved her like once, partly because she saved him n because he’s near death gate lol. Other than that, I don’t see any of his feelings to her as love. Intriguing and curious, yes. But not love, that’s why he doesn’t act all that special or nice to her, he tolerate her.

        You read the book, and you don’t get MY arc? Apart from that’s the key to destroy his bones, it’s also foreshadowing their relationship, and the drama actually did the world building through this arc, since we don’t get much from the book how all the gods are gone

      4. In a sense, those two don’t know they love each other lawl. She thinks he loves YBC, he think she loves XL. Even later on, he still think she loves someone else lol. And their hatred for each other is quite strong that like you said it’s all mixed up lol. Only when he lost her for real, he knew he wanted nothing but her. Before that, he is like why do I need to make a choice, I want it all. So so far, I think the drama is pretty faithful in essence. They change a few things to make it goes faster, combine a few things to explain the same result lol. Anyway, like you said we will just have to wait and see 🙂

      5. @LittleFish what do you call saving YXW when that daoist tried to kill them? In the novel, there were many times that he tried to capture her, but he never really tried to save her at his own expense. At least I don’t remember him trying to save her at all in the novel until later on and that deeply seated savior complex/love for her made him flip a switch.

      6. I love their chemistry!! I can’t wait to see their their love develop more !! He s falling for her for sure without knowing hahaha.

  8. Have my fair share of issues with this drama (nothing to do with ear piercing or blackheads) – the dubbing which I usually don’t pay attention and since I do in this case, it probably is bad enough and the sudden change of behavior from the FL when she met the ML after time traveling and some other bugs in the story.
    While appreciating the colors in costumes which deviates from the dull whitish long flowing ones in recent years of Xianxia, don’t quite like multiple head accessories on the FL when she time traveled and became the general’s daughter. Reminded me of JJY’s appearance in her usual period drama. And why was her hair down when she was married, was expecting more from this drama since it had raised the expectations of the costumes quality after the posters release.
    That being said, I like the Dunhuang image which is finally appearing in the recent story arc and I am enjoying the drama. It helps that it is fast moving enough not to feel bored in between like those 80 episodes or 40X2 episodes part 1 and 2 dramas that have been saturating the industry.
    And Leo’s acting has been pleasant and more so that he uses his own voice which he delivers his lines with the right emotions so far.
    He really needs to put on more weight. Keep thinking maybe the FL could just lift him up easily without special powers.

    1. Totally!! He has been unhealthy looking for a long time now. It’s especially noticeable when he has white makeup on, looks especially sick and vampire feel. haha…lol…At least to me anyway. He was very healthy normal looking in that series from long ago forgot the name but HK Bosco was in it about 3 guys and a baby I think but it was boring so I never finish it but he was very healthy and handsome in there unlike now.

      1. for me, his face is so scary… so i don’t watch any dramas with him in…

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