Bai Lu’s Only For Love Halted Due to Embezzlement Investigation

Many fans were looking forward to the premiere of upcoming drama Only For Love <以愛為營> starring Bai Lu (白鹿) and Dylan Wang (王鹤棣). However, the drama is now put on hold after the drama’s producer was accused of embezzling nearly 10 million Chinese Yuan. As the investigation continues, questions remain whether the drama will be aired.

Adapted from a popular novel, Only For Love follows Bai Lu as a financial reporter and Dylan as an overbearing CEO. Post-production for the drama was already completed and was aiming for a broadcast date this summer.

The fate of the drama now rests on the verdict of the embezzlement investigation. If the producer is found guilty, it is likely that the drama will be refilmed or get shelved. In addition to facing legal troubles, the producer is accused of owing the production crew a huge sum for wages.

The timing of the investigation comes at one of the worst times for Bai Lu as it would be her second drama to be shelved. Earlier this year, Bai Lu’s costume drama Story of Kunning Palace <寧安如夢> was suddenly pulled broadcast despite having more than 6 million followers. Many netizens speculated Story of Kunning Palace was blacklisted because one of the drama’s actor Zhou Junwei (周峻緯) posted a white A4 paper on his social media and attracted attention from local authorities. The action was seen as an act of protest against the Chinese’s government strict Covid protocols.

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  1. Any drama can be removed from airing these days. I still hope to be able to watch Story of Kunning Palace.

    1. @BearBear , I have a thought…. Bai Lu is getting too popular… there are people who wants to bring her down. But her life is a clean slant. So the next best action is to target those around her and her projects. To bring them down, her projects will be affected too… JUst a thought. Likely not true but there is just too many twister people around who will do anything these days….

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