Luo Yunxi to Star in Medical Romance “Love Meets Darwin”

Love is about to happen in the hospital for Leo Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙) and Zhang Ruonan (章若楠), who will be starring in upcoming Chinese medical romance Love Meets Darwin <愛情遇到達爾文>.

Love Meets Darwin is adapted from popular novel The Healer <治癒者> written by author Ningmeng Yuyan (檸檬羽嫣). It tells a romantic story between top neurosurgeon Gu Yunzheng (Luo Yunxi) and an intelligent medical school drop-out Su Weian (Zhang Ruonan). While working together on medical research, the two often find each other arguing as their competitiveness gets the best of them. Despite initial squabbles, their mission to improve medicine and help patients eventually pulls them closer.

Known for being a versatile actor and his striking visuals in historical dramas, Luo Yunxi gets to display his intellectual aura in Love Meets Darwin. He and Ruonan also make a refreshing pair, although the younger actress has yet to star in a breakout role.

Source: Beauty 321

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  1. Choosing a unhealthy, skinny actor to play a doctor, that’s trash

    1. Prefer LYX in period drama, I like his fighting scenes and the way he says his lines. Till this day I still attempt but unable to complete one episode of And the Winner of Love after seeing the trailer of him fighting.

  2. I am Ok with the casting. I wonder if it will be a comedy romance or is it a serious medical drama?

  3. hope he fattens up a bit to lose the anorexic look to lend some credibility for the role.

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