Sun Zhenni Charms as Fox Demon in “Till the End of the Moon”

Starring Bai Lu (白鹿) and Leo Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙) in the leads, enthusiastic viewer response to fantasy period drama Till the End of the Moon <長月燼明> successfully raised the profile of its acting cast. Besides supporting female lead Chen Duling (陳都靈), actress Sun Zhenni (孫珍妮) who plays the nine-tailed fox demon is also catching the eye of viewers, swiftly gaining a spectacular 69k Weibo fans in seven days!

Sun Zhenni has many scenes with Bai Lu.

Beat Zhao Lusi at a Casting Audition
Oozing sexiness in the fox demon’s bright red costumes, the 22-year-old stood out with her lively facial features and coquettish features, swiftly winning netizen approval as the “Most attractive nine-tailed fox” to date.

Starting out as a member of Chinese girl group SNH48, she made her debut in 2016 in an idol show and later took part in talent show Chuang 2020 <創造營 2020>, but failed to break out with her 18th placement. Instead, she found her forte in acting, beating Zhao Lusi (趙露思) in a 2017 audition for period drama Hero’s Dream <天意>, where her exquisite facial features clinched her the role. It also became her first foray into drama.

Fans Look Forward to Pianran’s Complete Romantic Arc
Starring in a few projects including The Substitute Love <替嫁小才女> and Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox <親愛的天狐大人>, these have yet to air and it was The End of the Moon which propelled her to fame. Her onscreen character Pianran has past relationship scars. Born in an abyss, she cut off two of her tails to leave the abject place, becoming a seven-tailed fox demon who roams the earth. While watching a battle at the sidelines, she spots a soldier Ye Qingyu (Eddy Geng Yeting 耿業庭) who looks almost identical as her former lover, and intervenes to save him. Later, she realizes she is the female lead Ye Xiwu’s (Bai Lu) brother, and becomes Tantai Jin’s (Leo Luo) underling in a coincidental twist.

Aptly portraying Pianran’s adorable nature when she hangs out with Ye Xiwu, and charming appeal to Ye Qingyu, her natural acting onscreen evoked praise from netizens, who felt that she is not only sweet-looking, but also capable of conveying her character’s depth of emotions. Some also commented that she outshone Chen Duling, while crediting both Sun Zhenni and Geng Yeting for evoking the beauty of the demon-human romance.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. I mean, her role in the drama is a seductress. Of course that’s gonna be more interesting to watch than a goody two shoes lol. She’s cute and fox-like too. Her teeth needs a little fixing though, but still cute nevertheless.

    Also the drama is finally moving on to the meat and potatoes! I’m enjoying it more now. I LOVE that they didn’t drag the torture part out and kept the punishment relatively mild. In the book, oh man, TTJ didn’t hold back on exacting revenge. They are def trying to make him the good guy in this drama and all his actions can be summarized with one word: Misunderstood

  2. Maybe it’s the red she always wears, but my eyes always gravitates towards her when she’s on screen. She does act the role very naturally so far. I love the playfulness she brings to the character.

  3. Didn’t watch the drama but looking at her stills, she resembles a lot like Cathy choi.

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