Leo Luo and Bai Lu’s Crying Scenes in “Till The End of The Moon”  

Starring Leo Luo Yunxi (羅雲熙) and Bai Lu (白鹿) in the leads, hotly airing xianxia romance Till the End of the Moon <長月燼明> captured audiences with its gripping story, quality aesthetics and solid acting from the cast. With related topics and discussions amassing more than 20 million views on Chinese social media site Douyin, the much talked-about production has been labeled as trending drama of the year!

[Spoilers Ahead] Emotionally Affecting Scenes

In a recent episode, Bai Lu’s Li Susu sacrifices her life to fulfill her mission of saving the four continents and three realms. Uttering the significant line “Trading your devil bone with my divine essence”, she reverses Tantai Jin’s (Leo) fate of becoming the Demon Lord at her own expense. Not comprehending the full significance behind, Tantai Jin sees his wife die in front of his eyes and is unable to come to terms. Holding on to her corpse instead of burying her, he lies heartbroken next to her in the coffin and wishes for death to come upon him; the tragic plot development again evoking heated discussions.

Revealed to be Leo and Bai Lu’s most unforgettable take, the two stars described the scene as “an extremity of pain and love”. Due to the many heart-wrenching moments on set, the actress revealed that both of them could not extract themselves from their characters’ emotions after wrapping up the scene. With swollen eyes, they turned to each other and commiserated. “My eyes hurt”, one said, while the other replied, “Mine too!”

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  1. There’s a short of the BTS after their wedding scene, and in there you can see BL couldn’t calm down, she had to reach out and held Leo’s hand. And he, while still heartbroken and in a mess himself, hold on to her hand and Pat her head, giving her as much support as he could. They are really living as their characters, that’s why the audiences are loving this series

      1. There is another BTS where Leo can’t stop crying after Sangjiu died and BL is trying to cheer him up. Their friendship rocks.

    1. That was such a sweet moment. Their friendship is awesome. I love watching their BTS because it shows that they really care for their characters. They add a lot of details to their acting and interaction which makes their characters come to life. You can see that they are not only doing it as their job, they really want to give their best for this series which is why I love this production despite the minor flaws. Their interviews are so interesting to watch because they can still talk so detail about their roles despite filming ending more than a year ago. They have put so much work in this. I love their chemistry and trust in each other. I am so looking forward to a 3rd collaboration between these two. Even if it takes ten years, I will support their 3rd collaboration because I know they will make it an awesome series.

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