Bai Lu Apologizes for ”Female Dog” Comment

Making everyday headlines during Till the End of the Moon’s <長月燼明> broadcast, Bai Lu (白鹿) is praised for her performance. Despite her growing popularity, haters are seeking to drag the actress down by digging out her past interview and criticizing her for being uneducated with lack of sophistication. As negativity grew, Bai Lu was forced to make an apology.

Loved for her easygoing and down-to-earth personality, Bai Lu’s bluntness has also landed her in hot water. Portraying the infamous demon in The Legends <招搖> in 2019, Bai Lu had commented the main character relationship was interesting because it developed from “a controlling female boss and a little puppy, to a dominating male boss and a little female dog.”

While the comment did not draw attention at the time, netizens now turned Bai Lu’s past words against her and criticized, “How uneducated” and “These kinds of words should not have been said.”

Addressing the growing criticisms, Bai Lu released an apology statement on social media, “I apologize for not expressing my views and thoughts in an appropriate manner and causing everyone to feel discomfort. In the future, I will be more cautious in my words and behavior to avoid being inappropriate and disrespectful.”

With her post exceeding 500,000 likes, netizens  encouraged Bai Lu to be more cautious. Following the apology, Bai Lu was discovered to have deleted all of her past potentially controversial posts.

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  1. Just a funny banter…honestly, some people are just too up tight. Our British humour is more crude… I would just have a good laugh…

  2. This proves the more famous you get, the more haters you get. She said this so long ago and haters are making it a big thing now.

  3. Maybe the term she used is the equivalent of curse words, but it’s not like she directed at a third person. It’s crazy to me that she’s getting so much criticism for how she described a character that she played. Not to mention, if this was so problematic, why didn’t netizens call her out when she said it. Now that she has a relatively popular drama, people are trying to find something on her. I’m not a Bai Lu fan by any means, I don’t think I’ve finished any of her previous dramas, but I still think these haters need to get a life.

    1. Yes this timing is obviously jealousy from competitors! How many ages ago did The Legend already aired? She only expressed her opinion of a fake story, she didn’t insult anyone. I wonder how come some actresses can insult other actresses and get praises for being disrespectful, I thought being disrespectful is a popular thing. What Bai Lu said was not even disrespectful btw, not even close. But if it is, I thought it’s a thing people love.

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