100 TVB Artists to Guest Star in “Fun Three 1/2 Weeks”

Cable channel, i-Cable, which held the broadcasting rights holder of the London 2012 Olympics in Hong Kong, reached an agreement with ATV to broadcast the games earlier last month. However, TVB rejected i-Cable’s offer, claiming it as “harsh and unreasonable.” Inviting over 100 famous TVB artists to guest on the show, TVB decided to produce new variety show Fun Three ½ Weeks <玩轉三周1/2>, to compete with the Olympics!

TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Min (曾醒明), confirmed that Fun Three ½ Weeks will premiere on Monday, July 23rd and will air everyday for 17 days. TVB Director of Variety Production, Sandy Yu (余詠珊), is the show’s executive producer. Tsang Sing Ming compared the show’s cast to Teddy Chan’s (陳德森) star-studded action film, Bodyguard and Assassins <十月圍城>, and plan to mobilize over 100 artists to guest star in the show.

Hosted by Evergreen Mak (麥長青), Carlo Ng (吳家樂), and Angela Tong (湯盈盈), Fun Three ½ Weeks began filming two nights ago. The hosts and guest stars all appeared in the studio with period clothing and played games that were similar to those in Battle of the Senses <五覺大戰>. Asked if her boyfriend Chin Kar Lok (錢嘉樂), the host of Battle of the Senses, gave her any tips in hosting, Angela said, “I let him look through the game show procedures. I have Evergreen and Carlo taking care of me, so I don’t need him.”

When asked about TVB’s “war” with the Olympics, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) said, “Really? I don’t know the details, but I heard that I will partner with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) in some of the games. The company is always at war. Competition brings in improvement. It’s important to provide the audience with enough diversity to choose from.” Myolie also said that it was unfortunate that TVB was unable to obtain the Olympics broadcasting rights because not everyone has access to cable channels.

Michael Tse (謝天華) revealed that he did not get any notice from the company yet. He did not feel that TVB was at war. He said, “Even if it was not the Olympics, TVB always had plans for new variety shows to air in the summer. It’s good to occasionally have big productions to attract larger audiences.”

Currently filming for her new drama, Blissful Ferris Wheel <幸福摩天輪>, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) admitted that she received notice to guest star in Fun Three ½ Weeks. When asked about the show’s competition with the Olympics, she said, “I’ve never heard about it. I’m working every day, so I have no time to read about what’s happening in the world. I did receive a filming notice, but I have no idea what I would be doing.” Prompted that TVB will allegedly mobilize over 100 artists to guest on the show, Linda said, “Really? It’s good to have new programs for the audience to watch.”

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. Man – olympics not available for everyone in Hong Kong, that pretty much sucks!

    Everyone looks forward to the Olympics. I’m already spending so much time watching the Olympic Trials.

    1. They have an agreement with ATV, so anyone who wants to watch olympics can just change channel.

      1. Except ATV only accept 200 hours of Olympic coverage, pathetic then the USA network NBC…

  2. “Inviting over 100 famous TVB artists to guest on the show, TVB decided to produce new variety show Fun Three ½ Weeks , to compete with the Olympics!”

    How stupid can TVB get? Compete with olympics? When maybe HK is one of the participant? How unpatriotic. Why now do a mini olympics? No rights to broadcast? For TVB to call terms as unreasonable must be unreasonable then since I swear many others throw the same accusations at TVB.

    How stupid! Try that with World Cup!!

  3. People are not going to watch a game show (with probably stupid and recycled games) over Olympics. No use trying to compete – there is no competition.

  4. Hong Kong’s top sports official has written to the International Olympic Committee to raise his concerns after a deal to air the London Games on a free channel apparently fell apart.

    Timothy Fok Tsun-ting, president of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, said he informed IOC president Jacques Rogge that there is still no deal in place between rights holder i-Cable and ATV and TVB.

    Last month, ATV said it planned to accept i-Cable’s offer and broadcast the Olympics on its English-language World channel, though it was only allowed to show 400 minutes of its own commercials during the 250 hours of broadcasts.

    But last week i-Cable and ATV said negotiations have been put on hold because ATV broadcasts are widely seen in the Pearl River Delta region and this may infringe on the exclusive rights of mainland stations.

    TVB has already rejected i-Cable’s offer, saying the requirements are “unreasonable.”

    But a TVB spokesman said it still adopts an open attitude over how a deal can be struck.

    Fok also said i-Cable is required to broadcast part of the Olympics – at least 200 hours – on a free-TV channel under the terms of its agreement.

    Rogge said earlier i-Cable will be stripped of its broadcasting rights if its reach to audiences is not adequate.

    ATV executive director James Shing Pan- yu said his station is “actively striving” to air the Olympics.

    “I hope it can be broadcast on our free- TV channel and serve the people,” he said. “At the
    same time I hope everything will be done according to our principles.”

    Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So Kam-leung, meanwhile, is confident Hongkongers will be able to see the Olympics on free-to-air channel.

    “I think they should step up communication to solve the problem,” So said.

    “But, of course, commercial interests are involved and so it is not suitable for the government to interfere. On the other hand, I do believe that the senior management of these stations are very clear about the government and the public’s hopes to see the Olympics on free channels.

    “And that is why I am full of hope.”

    Some members of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong protested outside the government headquarters, demanding the government step in so that Hongkongers can watch the Olympics on free channels.

    The Games will run from July 27 to August 12.

    source: http://www.thestandard.com.hk/news_detail.asp?pp_cat=30&art_id=124168&sid=36970582&con_type=3

  5. I wonder why tvb didn’t save “jade singers red white battle” to broadcast during the Olympics. That show was really good, except for a few spots like ah Sa’s off-key singing and the boring magician part.

    And if tvb really wants to attract attention for this new game show, they should pair up all the rumored couples like Kevin & charmaine, LF & Linda, Him Him & tavia…

    1. TeeVeeBee does have very POOR planning and coordination.

    2. Yup, the Tvb singer this year was well-planned. But only 1.5 hours?

    3. I thought the singers special was really good too! I agree about ah Sa but I thought the magician was pretty cool.

      The rumored couples thing would be fun, I think that’s where the ratings peak during their anniversary special?

  6. So TVB will arrange their own “Olympics” consisting of TVB artists, haha.

    The winners will get what? Higher salary for a limited time period (e.g 3 months) or free choice of TVB award made in plastic or chocolate, LOL

    I-Cable most likely paid a hefty sum for these rights so obviously it won’t give it away to TVB. TVB is just being cheap here and good luck competing with the Olympics!

  7. Does TVB even have 100 “famous” artists left? Methinks they may be scraping the bottom of the celebrity barrel by Day 12.

    1. Let’s list the 100 famous artists??

      1. Bosco
      2. Myolie
      3. Moses
      4. Aimee

      Ok I just named the pairs… like a Valentine’s special. Ok…

      5. Sire Ma
      6. Linda Chung

      Ok I am tired. I will just take TVB’s word for it.

  8. The idea dun sound fresh at all. Hope the games are creative

  9. Oh dear, what dire straits you are in TVB. No wonder you’re sinking these days if you think expending all that energy/time/money on THIS is a good idea. I know you don’t have this word in your dictionary TVB, but please be a little more RESPECTFUL towards the dedicated athletes who probably only get the limelight on them once every four years. Not that I think you’ll offer much in the way of competition.

    I wonder how many kelefe are considered “famous” amongst TVB these days…

  10. I actually think that this show will be funny and interesting of the stars! =P

    1. right?? i’m actually looking forward to it haha

  11. wow.. tvb cn be so … no word to describe.. pls of course nthng cn fght wth olympics. gosh

  12. wat do thy mean by unresonable.. pls… of course u r expected to pay some sort of payment to get rghts… why should ppl gve it to u for free..

  13. TVB should humbly bite their lips and accept the offer to have some rights to air the Olympics as it occurs only once in 4 years and many people would want to view the proceedings. Just the opening and closing of the games should be interesting and maybe impressive enough. as for the substitute for the games TVB’s show games are terrible(to me). as someone already mentioned the show involving 100 artists would need some planning and organization. Can they do that in time seeing that the Olympics is starting on the 26th July?

      1. The chances for TVB getting the some Olympic game coverage is really not favorable, IMHO.

      2. But isn’t atv having some financial problems? Maybe they won’t be able to pay I-cable’s fee.

    1. TVB is probably playing hardball in dealing with i-cable. I-cable could have bid for a high price for the Olympic rights in HK, and then try to pass the high cost to TVB /ATV.

      Anyway, why should all the TV channels in HK show the Olympics. Surely people should be given more choices, as the London Olympic is not everyone’s cup of tea.

      1. You’re right. Perhaps survey shown that TVB targeted audience are not really into sports event (well sport enthusiast subscribe to cable sports TV). TVB will most probably lose out viewers share for the opening and closing ceremony, but it would not dent them that much.

  14. I can’t wait to see what TVB have to offer in the game show. With the olympic i only watch open n closing ceremony n swimming.

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