2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award @ JayneStars

Vote for the female celebrity that you think deserves the title of “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China” @ JayneStars.com!

Last year, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) won the “Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award”. Portraying diversified roles, Tavia has long been one of TVB’s most popular actresses. Fans found Tavia to be not only beautiful, but also shine with an inner sexiness.

This year, additional female celebrities from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan have been included in our exciting poll. Featuring a total of 118 nominees, please vote for your sexy lady everyday!

Voting Rules

  1. Press “VOTE” button next to the name of the female celebrity of your choice.  You will receive a confirmation message on the screen indicating your vote has been tabulated.
  2. Each person can place ONE vote per 24 hours.
  3. You can vote everyday for a different candidate.
  4. The poll will end on Friday, November 9, 2012 midnight EST. All votes placed before the deadline will be tabulated. The winner and complete voting results will be announced then.
Why Are the Live Voting Results Not Displayed?
To minimize the impact of voter psychology and voting bias, JayneStars.com decided to only display the complete voting results at the conclusion of the poll. We assure that the results are fair and representative of the sampling population on our site.
How the Candidates Were Selected

JayneStars.com’s 5-member Nomination Committee (consisting of our news writers and Advisory Committee members) drafted a preliminary list of celebrities for the “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award.” Only the celebrities that were approved by at least 3 of our Nomination Committee members were included in the final poll, ensuring the hottest high-quality women!

Code of Conduct

The voting progress of the “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China” poll will be carefully monitored. If any signs of poll tapering to favor a certain female celebrity is detected (including abnormal increases in votes within short period of time) this will cause the candidate in question to be disqualified from the poll. This is to ensure that all nominees receive fair chances in this poll.

You are free to leave comments supporting your favorite celebrity.  As this poll is celebratory in nature, please refrain from posting any negative comments or hateful remarks towards other celebrities and fans. If detected, they will be deleted.

Please respect other fans’ opinions and enjoy voting in the poll!

Spread the Word

Tell friends and fans about JayneStars.com’s “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” through forums, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites! More participation equals more representative results! Have fun!

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  1. Split my votes among three. Will be interesting to see the results.

  2. I vote Viann – she has sexy eyes w/o trying to make it look sexy.

  3. Kate Tsui the way she act is really admiring people’s

    1. Excellent choice, Michelle is the most beautiful & sexy woman I’ve ever seen!

  4. The ones that date gweilos should be disqualified. I don’t consider those type of women to be Chinese

  5. Vote for Sharon Chan coz she has long sexiest legs and cute eye

  6. Kate Tsui deserved to be voted the sexiest female alive.

  7. Where’s Tang Wei?? Voted Dada anyway. Although it was though to decide between Viann and Fan BB. Besides most of them are very pretty 🙂

  8. what’s the name of the third girl to the left on the first row? i find her really pretty and would like to know her name!! thanks

    1. I don’t get which girl you are talking about. So, here’s the name of all 8 girls in the 8 pictures.

      The eight pictures on the top (from left to right)

      Top row: Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bingbing, Angelababy, Shu Qi.
      Bottom row: Tavia Yeung, Cecilia Cheung, Viann Zhang, Chiling Lin.

  9. if i were to say ‘vote for tavia’ will i get blasted?! loz … just kidding 🙂 yeah, she’s nice 🙂

    my votes go to Kate Tsui and Hsu Qi 🙂

  10. All have sex appeal but for me, Fann is exceptional.
    Loved her since shanghai knights!
    Fan from HK!

    1. Gll,
      The poll for the “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive in China” is still active now.

      The poll will close in 12 hours at 12 midnight New York time.

  11. ahhh look like kate win this year! naww Myolie only on 4th place.

  12. What? Fann only got fifth sexiest?
    I’m a guy and to me she’s super alluring!

  13. Sonija Kwok looks so much better that that picture that was chosen for her. That, by far, is the worst picture I have seen of her. It did not do her justice.

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