Kate Tsui Wins “2013 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” @ JayneStars.com!

For the second consecutive year, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) has been voted as the “Sexiest Woman Alive in China” at JayneStars! Winning 2,551 votes or 18 percent of total 13,905 votes placed, Kate was clearly the hot favorite.

Although a relatively low-profile year for Kate in 2013, her sexy image was one of the highlights in Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>. With a petite but curvy figure, Kate often appears in skintight dresses and carries herself with confidence at all times. In 2014, Kate will continue to heat up screens with her lesbian role in Midas <點金勝手>; her signature luscious lips even impressed Nancy Wu (胡定欣) in their girl-on-girl kiss!

Tavia_YeungTavia Yeung (楊怡) came in as first runner-up with 1,420 votes or 10 percent of total votes. Since dating Him Law (羅仲謙), Tavia’s image has become increasingly feminine. Growing out her hair and wearing more figure-hugging fashions, Tavia is often seen showing off her shapely legs. Fans took notice and her votes increased from last year’s poll.

Charmaine_ShehCharmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) received 788 votes or 6 percent of total votes, helping her slide into second runner-up.  Since the launch of the “Sexiest Woman Alive” poll at JayneStars, Charmaine has remained a favorite due to her timeless elegance and beauty.  Suffering from a herniated disc injury, Charmaine’s output slowed down in recent months, but she will make a long-awaited comeback at TVB this year as Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) seductive boss in the upcoming A Time of Love <愛情來的時候>!

The complete results of the “2013 Sexiest Woman Alive in China” are available here! Thanks for your support in making this poll a fun annual event!


JayneStars Team

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  1. The top 6 winners are TVB fadnas. I guess there are more fans on this website supporting TVB actresses and drama series.

    1. This should be retitled ‘the sexiest woman alive in TVB’

      What ‘in China’? What a misnormer. If not in TVB, then sexiset woman alive in HK.

      Using the ‘China’ context is just to hype up the scale of the award, marketing gimmick.

      1. 100% agree!!! Personally i see TVB actress less attractive and not that charming. So its really ridiculous!

  2. Congratulations Kate! We love the result! Keep it up! Sure we vote you again for next year.

  3. I am so done! I can’t believe Kate won again! Go Tavia, you’ll always have my support.

    1. I love tavia, but Kate is sexy lawl :p dw, I watch more tavia than Kate’s drama haha :p but maybe cos Kate’s characters keep dying…. >_>

  4. Congratulation Kate!
    She’s truly the sexiest in my eyes. Appearance is not necessary the only factor for her sexiest, the way she carries herself is another crucial factor as well

  5. Kate-sexy
    They’re all attractive in their own ways.

  6. Congrats! She deserves it!

    However I don’t feel she is sexy in boyish hairstyle.

  7. Yeah!!!!!!! Congratulation Kate!!!!!!!!!^_^
    I knew it she is going to win &before I was about
    To vote for her but then I looked at all of the votes
    So I just forgot to vote for her

  8. yay kate won ^^ love her! She’s so sexy & pretty 🙂 but I think this award isn’t just about bring sexy, it’s how the person carries herself! kate is certainly a well-deserving winner!!

  9. Totally happy with the poll results!
    Love Kate , Tavia and fala!!! Yay!

  10. wow congratz! Oh well at least Myolie is in top 10 <3 i have try my best hehehe

  11. Hooray for Kate. She deserves it. Support you all the way Kate!

  12. Congratulations Kate !!! happy that she won voting for u again and every year 🙂

  13. Yeahhh…congrats my big idol
    we will always love you
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. Yay !! Sausage Lips Rule again for the 2nd times !!

    Suggestion to jaynestars for 2014 sexy awards, divide into two categories,TV artists and Movie artists to be separated

    1. Could be the reason why Kate won ?,many pictures of her chili red lipstick she wearing ?

  15. ive been voting for her everyday. lolz no wonder she won. haha.

  16. Kate deserve to win but Tavia came second?? Sorry offense!! But with that nose!! You called sexy!!

      1. stop that aged, wrinkled and ugly picture… you wasting my breakfast

  17. Omygggoooddness she won again ArrrGHHHH……Tavia or Linda you still have my vote not matter what

      1. how do you call it beautiful with that aged, wrinkles and ugly face

      2. lol maybe an eye check n tastier breakfast will help. Good day.

  18. Yes, Kate is sexy and seductive. She’s not exactly the flower vase type. I think the featured photo of Kate also helped her. She really rocked the red lipstick.

  19. Really??? Like . . . really??? I guess there’s a lot of Kate’s fan visiting this website

  20. what do you expect?! a bunch of tvb addicts around here. fred cheng won sexiest man. lol. a dude who can’t get a starring role in a tvb series. let’s not have tvb artists in the competition.

    1. Do you find you are contradicting? “a bunch of tvb addicts around here” while “a dude who can’t get a starring role in a tvb series” has the most votes.

      Bitter much?

  21. In person without too much make up she looks very pretty, but not sexy. More like a good girl next door look. And she dined in my restaurant in KL recently. I had a chat with her too. very friendly.

    1. She has gone around Malaysia for relaxing after filming. I wish I could be like you, meet her and chat too 😀

    2. I guess she has pretty eyes also. Anyway on her pics here I am more in Aww for her eyes than her lups

  22. what a joke…you mean the 2013 sexiest woman alive in tvb award, right? Cause there is no way in hell she is the sexiest anything outside of tvb

    1. 100% agreed! >_< next time it should renamed and the only candidates are from tvb! But it wasn't a surprise since most of the news on this website is Hong Kong celebrity news (:

    2. Totally agree!! What a joke :

      7 out of Top 10 were TVB actress LOL
      Jaynestars is flooded by a bunch of TVB addict. I find the other 3 woman outside TVB in Top 10 way more attractive and sexy then 7 TVB fadans.

      @Jayne, seriously next year i think you should change the title and category to only TVB since we all know who will be the winner.
      Just my opinion 🙂

  23. Well JayneStars is a Hong Kong celebrity (especially TVB stars) news in English website so it makes sense the top 6 are from TVB.

  24. Kate is sexy cos of her hot lips and bad girl looks and that’s what sexy is about and she has no problems kissing anyone

  25. Hi Jayne
    Are you going to do anything for the winners (male and female) this year? I know there has been the wallpaper contest and the fans notes thingy! Just wondering about this year?!?! 🙂

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