2013 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award @ JayneStars

Who is the Sexiest Woman Alive in China? Your vote will decide!

Participate in JayneStars.com’s fun poll, which includes 90 female celebrities from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan. Vote every day to support your favorite sexy lady! Poll ends on Monday, January 13, 2014!

Voting Rules

  1. Press “VOTE” button next to the name of the female celebrity of your choice.  You will receive a confirmation message on the screen indicating your vote has been tabulated.
  2. Each person can place ONE vote per 24 hours. The voting cycle is exactly 24 hours; if you try to place vote even one minute before the full 24-hour voting cycle, you will not be able to do so.
  3. You can vote every day for a different candidate.
  4. The poll will end on Monday, January 13, 2014 midnight EST. All votes placed before the deadline will be tabulated. The winner and complete voting results will be announced then.
Why are the Live Voting Results Not Displayed?
To minimize the impact of voter psychology and voting bias, JayneStars.com decided to only display the complete voting results at the conclusion of the poll. We assure that the results are fair and representative of the sampling population on our site.
How the Candidates Were Selected

Our site does not endorse any specific artists.  JayneStars.com’s 7-member Nomination Committee (consisting of our news writers and Advisory Committee members) drafted a preliminary list of celebrities for the “2013 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award.” Only the celebrities that were approved by at least 4 of our Nomination Committee members were included in the final poll, ensuring the hottest women only!

Code of Conduct

Please exercise respect and tolerance.  You are free to leave comments supporting your favorite male celebrity.  As this poll is celebratory in nature, please refrain from posting any negative comments or hateful remarks towards other celebrities and fans. If detected, they will be deleted.

The voting progress of this poll will be monitored. If any sudden large increases in voting activity suggest spam voting, the votes will be disqualified.

Spread the Word

Tell friends and fans about JayneStars.com’s “2013 Sexiest Woman Alive in China Award” through forums, Facebook, Twitter, fan sites and other social sites! More participation equals more representative results! Enjoy voting in the poll!

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  1. Very happy with the entire poll results!
    Love Kate, Tavia and fala !

  2. DAMMIT…ARGGGHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kate again this is total BS!!!

  3. Why am I not surprised that another TVB’er have won this contest. LOL!

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