3 Ending Predictions for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” 

Starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh, popular Netflix legal series Extraordinary Attorney Woo is surging in viewership ratings with only two episodes left to go. The upcoming finale on August 18 is drawing great interest as viewers share their predictions on the ending.

Will Woo Young Woo and Lee Joon Ho Get a “Happy Forever After”?

Due to the lack of support from Joon Ho’s sister on their relationship, Young Woo believes she is incapable of bringing Joon Ho happiness and ultimately decides to break up. The heart-wrenching scene illustrates the changes within Young Woo as she learns how to empathize with others. Yet, it remains unknown how their relationship will unfold as viewers speculate Young Woo will move to the United States for a year to treat her autism.

Choi Soo Yeon Melts Kwon Min Woo’s Cynical Heart?

Developing romantic feelings for each other during their Jeju Island trip, Soo Yeon (Ha Yoon Kyung) and Min Woo (Joo Jong Hyuk) remain hesitant to confirm their relationship. Before they get the chance, Soo Yeon questions Min Woo on his loyalty and principles. Will Min Woo possibly change for the better because of Soo Yeon’s influence?

Will Jung Myung Seok Survive?

In the episode 15 preview, Jung Myung Seok’s (Kang Ki Young) senior position is replaced by his rival Jang Seung Jun (Choi Dae Hoon) at Hanbada. The sudden changes greatly unsettle the Hanbada team, as Young Woo struggles working with Seung Jun who is deeply offended by her outspoken attitude.

Although worries mount over Myung Seok’s stage three stomach cancer, he may survive and return to lead the team in the end.

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  1. No, attorney jung won’t die. Our tactician will grow a heart. Our young woo will end up with our hero again maybe with some proviso. As for young woo going to USA to treat her autism, that is an idiotic line if she did. Autism isn’t some illness and it would be too late to even so called treat it because for someone with autism, she’s super successful. She graduated 1st class, got herself a good job, have an active social life, even got herself a boyfriend… so what’s there to treat? I hope it ends with young woo taking a trip to see her whales and dolphins whether alone or with family.

  2. The main couple will not together, because the guy will go to army soon… so he can’t filming the 2e season

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