“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Launches Online Webtoon

Airing to strong ratings on both Netflix and in Korea, hot new K-drama on the block Extraordinary Attorney Woo has released an online webtoon version, soon to be available in multiple languages!

Koo Kyo-hwan as “Mr. Fart”
Funny, touching and heartwarming, the drama revolving around an autistic lawyer and her legal sojourns has been getting well-deserved hype for its strong characters and refreshing depiction of the legal theme. Ratings reached a new high of 15.78% in episode nine, where leads Park Eun-bin (playing titular character Woo Young-woo) and Kang Tae-oh professed their love to each other, in addition to the highlight appearance of actor Koo Kyo-hwan!

Widely praised for his apt portrayal of Bang gu-ppong (fart, in Korean), actor Koo Kyo-hwan stars as the son of Mujin Academy’s director and a graduate of Seoul University. He shows up claiming to be the Commander-in-chief of the Children’s Liberation Army, eventually ends up arrested for abducting the elementary kids whom he goes off to the wilderness with.

Plot Thickens with Romantic Confession
Seeing a jump in ratings of close to 2 points, episode nine escalates the plot forward with Park Eun-bin confessing to Kang Tae-oh. She tells him, “I like you, that’s why I treat you well!”

Feeling troubled that starting the relationship will lead both of them ending up miserable, Kang Tae-oh faces hesitation, before finally plucking up courage to tell her, “Because I like you too much, that my heart is sick with love!”

Besides Korean, the newly released manga will be made available in Chinese, English and Japanese versions, with the characters bearing a strong resemblance to their onscreen counterparts.

Source: HKOn.CC

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  1. I have no idea who that koo Kyo hwan is. How depiction was ok but the situation was inappropriate. That case was the weakest and didn’t even show the ending so can assume he got only probation. The next case is even worse but was interesting to watch. I love this series, but the cases are wonky and I wish yong woo faces more discrimination. There’s practically none on her autism which we all know a highly strung society will not have that much of patience at first. The only supposed ongoing feed had to be 1 young trainee lawyer jealousy that she was hired because of her relationship with the ceo of the firm which was utterly stupid because our heroine graduated no. 1 in snu which we all know is every koreans ultimate dream. I just find those aspects so silly. But the performances are great. I just wish the script is more polished.

  2. show started off ok with interesting cases but the last 2 were pure LAME.
    Kids were ‘abducted” for a good cause (for sure) BUT for it to be justifiable and used as an argument in court?
    I am dropping it for something else

    1. Thinking if should continue. It started off as an idealistic but enjoyable watch. The recent case about falling in love with someone of special needs felt abruptly cut off then the case on kids was stretching too much on what that episode was trying to achieve.

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