“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” in Talks for Season Two?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has captured fans’ hearts and became this year’s most popular South Korean drama. Starring Park Wun BinKang Tae Oh and Kang Ki Young, the legal drama follows an autistic lawyer as she navigates against prejudice in her life and career.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo has aired more than half of its episodes while its viewership ratings continue to climb. As many fans expressed their desires to have a second season, Director Yoo In Shik personally discussed its possibility in a recent interview

Director Yoo In Shik revealed, “The series is currently half broadcasted. As I said before, having a second season or a third season would be a blessing. To succeed, many parts such as career and scheduling need to align. Currently, there aren’t any clear details but all that can be said is that ‘everyone has a lot of love [for the drama].’”

Yoo In Shik also praised the drama’s leading star Park Eun Bin and said, “After watching it, you will know that there are not many actors who can play the role. At the beginning, when we discussed the role with Park Eun Bin, she thought that it would be difficult. I felt that if she wasn’t casted, it would be difficult to continue. I didn’t have anyone else in mind for the role, so I had to wait and wait.  Park Eun Bin exceeded my expectations and so I wanted to say ‘Park Eun Bin Forever!’”

Sources: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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