Park Eun Bin Praised for Autistic Lawyer Portrayal in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh, Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo delivers an authentic representation of autism spectrum disorders. Actress Park Eun Bin is  widely praised for her portrayal, as she flawlessly embodies the title character and proves her versatile acting skills once again. Convinced she is the only actress for the role, the production team waited for Eun Bin for one year to accept the role.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo tells a story following the life of a 27-year-old genius Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), who is the first autistic lawyer in South Korea. Since young, she has shown excellent memory through reciting South Korean laws down to  every word and detail. Despite her high IQ and love for law, Young Woo still finds it difficult to socialize with people. As her profession requires good communication skills, many clients show their hesitation to have her represent them, but Young Woo eventually wins their trust with her logic and detailed attention.

Asked about her feelings in portraying an autistic lawyer, Eun Bin said, “I think Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a great project, but I was mainly concerned whether or not I could portray the character well, because my representation could potentially hurt others.”

Lacking confidence she could rise to the challenge, Eun Bin ended up choosing The King’s Affection over Extraordinary Attorney Woo. However, both director Yoo In Shik and screenwriter Moon Ji Won was adamant Eun Bin accept the role. They were even willing to wait for one year when her schedule would be free again. Eun Bin was touched, and finally agreed, “They believed in me, so I sought the courage to repay them with a great performance.”

Her preparation for the role was challenging, as she researched various autism types and learned about the struggles of people experiencing these disorders in everyday life. However, she did not watch film and dramas centering on autistic characters as Eun Bin did not want to subconsciously imitate others’ performances.

With her attentive and touching performance, Eun Bin also delivers sought to portray the delicate character with grace. Amid the fast-paced and eloquent dialogue, she also focused on delivering accurate micro expressions to reflect how some autistic people are also capable of sensing emotions and understanding boundaries around them.

Source: ET Today

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