Park Eun Bin and Rowoon Heat Up Screens in “The King’s Affection”

Achieving record ratings as its plot heats up is Korean palace drama The King’s Affection, which has hooked fans with its good-looking cast and engaging plot twists!

Dramatic Irony and a Royal Love Triangle

One half of the forbidden twins born to the crown princess, Dam-i (Park Eun Bin), assumes the royal throne in guise of her twin brother Yi Hwi after the latter is killed. Not only does her identity have to be kept under wraps, she also hides the affections she harbors for Jung Ji-un (Rowoon), whom she once rescued as a court maid when the latter fell into the lotus pond.

Episode Nine sees Ji-un, now Hwi’s royal tutor, kiss the crown prince while in a drunken stupor. He almost shows off a gift he receives from Hwi, but later realizes all the tutors have in fact received the same token. Revealing his true feelings, he went as far as to say “Even if your highness is a man, even if you are the leader of the country, I still love you…”  Hwi rejects the confession on the basis of an important political meet coming up, and wants Ji-un to forget the confession ever happened. All these is witnessed by his gentle cousin Hyun (Nam Yoon Soo) on the side, who already knows that he is in fact a girl in disguise.

Also carrying a torch for her, Hyun is unable to divulge his true feelings. During a conversation Hwi reveals his first love is “the child who fell into the pond” and Hyun quickly deduces that she might well be Dam-i.

Plot Thickens

After spending a joyous day with Ji-un, Hwi gives him her answer – in the form of a letter appointing him to another posting to carry out his duties. Later, en route back to the palace, Hwi confides in Hyun tearfully in a rainy scene, while the latter tells him that he “feels the same” as well.

Unable to accept the crown prince’s arrangement, Ji-un runs sneakily to the Eastern palace as he could not bear the thought of being apart from the crown prince. Articulating his wish that Hwi be happy everyday, he takes his leave. As he disappears into the distance, Hwi does her best to keep the tears from falling, Continue watching as the trailer shows that the royal secret is in danger of being revealed soon!

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