Aaron Kwok Confident about New Romance Film “One Night Only”

Although Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok (郭富城) has not filmed a romance film in many years, he remains confident that One Night Only <天亮之前>, his new gangster-romance movie, will wow audiences with its Romeo-and-Juliet-like love story between a gambler and a prostitute. The film opened in theaters on July 22.

In recent years, Aaron has been challenging himself with new character types. For example, he portrayed a farmer in Til Death Do Us Part <最愛> and a middle-aged policeman in Port of Call <踏血尋梅>, the role that netted him a Best Actor win at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards, held this past April. In One Night Only, Aaron plays a down-and-out gambler who finds himself in a surprising and life-threatening situation.

“The storyline is not the ordinary romance story that everyone can imagine,” Aaron explained in a recent interview with Tencent Entertainment, when he was asked what enticed him to act in One Night Only. “It is extremely unexpected, and I thought there were a lot of surprises when I read [the screenplay].

“The story is extremely special,” he went on. “First of all, it’s talking about everything that happens in a single night – one night where you put your life on the line. How can a single night cause a person to put so much at stake?”

“All Types of Love Stories are Good”

A self-proclaimed fan of romance flicks, Aaron shared that he is particularly touched by love stories in which the couple will go to any lengths to be together, such as Romeo and Juliet, which he hailed as “very deep and great.” As a result, he put in his best effort to ensure that viewers will be likewise touched by the romance in One Night Only.

“You’ve probably seen a movie poster where I’m crying,” said Aaron. “I’m of the opinion that real men do not easily cry, and I myself am not someone who cries easily in real life. But for this movie’s character, I allowed that emotion to break out.”

When asked whether he prefers dramatic love stories or more mellow romances, Aaron responded, “All types of love stories are good. Different love stories have different characteristics. The most important thing is how to describe that love in a way that the audience will be drawn completely into it.”

Aaron was also full of praise for his costar, mainland Chinese actress Yang Zishan (楊子姍). The two of them actually appeared together in London, Britain in 2013, when they won Best Actor and Best Actress Awards at the 5th China Image Film Festival. In addition, both of them used to belong to the same record company. “After she made the change to becoming an actress, she tapped into her full potential,” Aaron remarked.

Relationship with Girlfriend Going “Extremely Well,” Asks for Privacy

Despite talking nonstop about the love story in One Night Only, Aaron went quiet when the topic turned to his own love life. However, he denied rumors that he has broken up with Shanghainese model Moka Fang (方媛) and stated with a smile that their relationship is going “extremely well.”

Aaron expressed that because the time and effort he puts into his work is already very tiring, he often wishes for time to himself after work so he can relax. Though he did not specifically mention his relationship with Moka, he did comment, “I truly hope that opinions in the media will not be too excessive.”

However, Aaron also added, “Of course, if there are some things in my life that I can share with everyone, I will be happy to share them.”

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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