Aaron Kwok Spoils Moka Fang

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) Moka Fong (方媛) have been married for 6 years. Pictured donning luxury jewellery, it is clear that she is indulged by the 57-year-old heavenly king!

Fondness for Designer Clothing & Bags

The couple have 2 daughters, Chantelle and Charlotte.

Celebrating their wedding anniversary with a lavish meal this April, Moka was pictured wearing a pair of luxury earrings from British jewellery brand GRAFF, estimated around HKD$285,000, while a Cartier bracelet she had on her wrist likely cost around HKD$350,000.

Since their marriage in 2017, talk surfaced that the Heavenly King treated Moka stingily despite his massive earning power, such as when she was spotted flying Economy class when she returned to Shanghai with her two daughters in tow. Tongues wagged again at their younger daughter’s 4th birthday party, when Moka revealed that they travelled to Macau for their first family vacation – leading many netizens to remark that they could certainly do better.

Showing off her penchant for luxury brands on Weibo, Moka’s sartorial choices also reflects her taste for top-tier designer brands the likes of Chanel, Dior, LV and Hugo Boss. Unlike his past modus operandi of staying under the radar, and hiding his dating relationships from the public glare, Aaron certainly appears more willing to share loving snippets under the spotlight post-marriage.

Source: HK01

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    1. I think she’s really lucky she married him. Lynn Hung was qith him for years and couldn’t get him to settle down. Good thing she has her own happy family now too. But of the 4 Heavenly Kings, I think he is probably the best one to marry. Andy is super protective and over the top with all the bodyguards, etc, Leon Lai is weird with his secretive relationship, Jacky Cheung is my favorite but we never hear anything about his wife and daughter which isn’t bad of course, but if you’re young and want to be flashy, Aaron Kwok is the only one of the 4 that will let you do that. Maybe Jacky if his wife wanted to but she is probably private. I don’t think Aaron is stingy with his wife. I remember she posted up a photo of herself few years back with a Chanel surfboard lol. Totally unnecessary but goes to show how she is someone that loves luxury items and just wants to live a rich housewife life and Aaron is the best guy for that. Plus he still looks great, stays fit and energetic.

    2. Yeah what she spends is prob what Aaron either allots her or brand sponsorships. She traded her youth to be with a 50+ year old man. Think it kind of balances things out.

      1. Yap, she is trading her youth for money…And he likes her looks and youth, she likes his money. Sound very fair.

  1. But would she be a loyal wife if his wealth declines and he can no longer indulge her with luxuries?

    1. Well, he like not likely be a loyal husband when he no longer indulge in her…he is infamous for loving young models. Anyway, both suits each other..

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