Moka Fang Shares What Attracts Her To Aaron Kwok

Married to Aaron Kwok (郭富城) for nearly seven years, model Moka Fang (方媛) has always been admired for her elegant beauty. Appearing on The Celebrity Show <今晚開放麥>, Moka shared more about her relationship with Aaron and sang some of his songs. As this was her first appearance on a variety show, it instantly ignited discussion among viewers.

When the host asked Moka how quickly Aaron replied to her texts, she sweetly replied that Aaron would instantly reply once he sees it.  Moka is also a fan of Aaron’s music and started dancing when the show played Aaron’s classic song “Para Para Sakura,” which made Moka feel as if Aaron was beside her.

When the host brought up Moka was often criticized every time she appeared by Aaron’s side, she started singing another one of his classics, “Should I Walk Away Quietly” <我是不是該安靜的走開> but her vocals were somewhat shaky. When the host asked Moka what she liked the most about Aaron, she instantly replied that he is “handsome.” She reminisced about the past when she was on a flight with Aaron and was impressed his hair was styled perfectly even on the plane.

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