Aaron Kwok Teaches Daughters Frugality, But Doesn’t Curb Wife’s Spending

Aaron Kwok (郭富城) has become a caring father, opting to go home immediately after finishing work to spend time with his daughters, Chantelle and Charlotte. Now that they are older, Aaron hopes his daughters learn the importance of good financial habits.

Besides frequently teaching them the meaning of frugality, Aaron has simplified his lifestyle and enlisted the help of his mother-in-law. Instead of purchasing brand name goods, his mother-in-law was seen shopping with Chantelle and Charlotte at a discount children’s clothing store during the Lunar New Year.

In contrast to his teaching methods for his children, Aaron does not restrict his wife Moka Fang’s (方媛) excessive spending habits. Frequently dressed head-to-toe in designer labels, Moka often shows off her luxurious lifestyle on social media. Even during the height of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, Moka posted selfies of herself partying on yachts and having fancy lunches. A Chanel lover, she has a vast bag and jewelry collection and even splurged 150,000 Chinese yuan on a Chanel surf board.

Many find Moka’s behavior to be distasteful and criticize her for being a tuhao – a term to describe the nouveau riche who flaunt their wealth through luxury goods.

Source: East Week

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Really?……..Hard to see which part of this couple is stunning…….It’s not entirely unexpected for Aaron’s wife to be the way she is……….Nice decent girls wouldn’t find Aaron attractive, so he has to settle for some 3rd tier ex-China model to blow all his money away……..It’s probably the way he wants it to be anyways.

  1. Oh the irony. Hard to teach frugality when the mom is constantly flaunting her wealth and they live luxuriously.

    1. @gnomageddon
      I agree and they are both such bad examples for their kids. His wife spends like crazy and he buys luxurious cars too. They are nothing close to frugal so how can they teach their kids that? They need to set good examples if they want their kids to develop good spending habits. His wife truly needs to learn how to live more humbly and more simply or they will become like her.

    2. @gnomageddon it’s super dumb! kids taught to be frugal but the mother is decked in high end clothes. maybe they do deserve each other-one wants a young wife while the wife wants a rich hubby.

    3. @gnomageddon sometimes kids turn into exact opposites of their parents. I’ve read that some offspring of anti-establishment hippies ended up working on Wall Street

      1. @msxie0714
        True but it just depends as children are heavily influenced by their families, especially their parents. I guess Aaron does not want his daughters to be like his materialistic wife which is a good thing. But he needs to set a good example for his kids if his wife can’t.

  2. I bet in future their mum will tell them those purchaese are investments….So her spending is justified…lol.

  3. *roll eyes* it’s not the husband’s job to police his wife’s spending. if they have an agreement for her budget, then why would he care how she spends it? his one car is probably 60x her spending budget.

  4. Being lavish is in the eye of the beholder. It is all relative to what your income level is. One can afford expensive things because they have the means to pay for it. Also there is product endorsement, many stars and influencers are being gifted/sponsored with named brands. I see that Aaron is also charitable with his money. #gotitflauntit

    1. @ace818 Exactly and very true!! If you are born w silver spoons in your mouths why would they ever need to go Kmart and 99 cents stores? haha lol…If they work hard and became rich like some celebs why would they spend less now when they can indulge like never before?

    2. @ace818
      That is true to some extent. It also depends on each person’s attitude and stuff. I know people that are well off but yet still choose to live a frugal life. For example, Andy Lau’s wife, she came from a well off family and her husband makes millions but she dresses very simple and is thrifty in her spending. My late parents had a friend whose son is a millionaire but he lived very simply and was very frugal. It was just his personality. I have a friend who does not have much money but spends like crazy on luxury brands and gets into debt. Basically, it just depends on the people.

      You are right that Aaron is charitable with his money which is a great thing too. Aaron himself came from humble beginnings so glad that he is trying to teach his daughters that but he should live more simply if he wants his daughters to be frugal too. He should encourage his wife to do the same as well.

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