Alan Tam’s Son Enrolls in Oxford

Alan Tam’s (譚詠麟) only son, Tam Hiu Fung (譚曉風), will be going to the University of Oxford soon, as reported by various Hong Kong magazines. The 18-year-old recently achieved twelve A’s on the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), an academic qualification test for prospective university students in the United Kingdom.

Hiu Fung is the son of Alan’s mistress, Wendy Chu (朱詠婷), who met Alan at the singer’s fanclub event in 1995. Alan and Wendy’s love blossomed, and Wendy gave birth to Hiu Fung in 1996. Though married to Sally Yeung (楊潔薇), his wife of over thirty years, Alan admitted Wendy as his mistress and was often seen out and about with Wendy in public. On several occasions, Alan was seen introducing Wendy and Hiu Fung to his friends and colleagues during company parties and other industry events.

Alan and Sally secretly registered for marriage in Las Vegas in 1981, and publicly acknowledged their marriage after the death of Sally’s father in 1993. Childless for many years, it has been said that Sally did not attempt to stop Alan from courting Wendy, who was twenty years his junior and was capable of bearing Alan a child.

A tabloid magazine reported that Alan gave Sally the rights to hold his assets of $200 million HKD. However, with Hiu Fung’s recent academic achievements, Alan also gifted Wendy with three properties in Happy Valley, as well as a million-dollar luxury home in the United Kingdom. Tabloids describe Wendy’s recent wealth and favoritism from Alan as a “threat” to Sally.

Source: East Week

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  1. notwithstanding the side drama, WOW! At least one celebrity’s child that didn’t turn to alcohol and speeding and being useless. That is great news.

    1. P/S What threat? One got a certificate, the other still the mistress.

      1. So he’s got 12A’s in GCSE, what about A-levels that’s what matters. At least he’s pass one part of the test to gain entry to Oxford, his family’s well-off.

    2. Well, if the child were a mess, would Alan acknowledge him? Heck “no”. This may be a one-in-millions case.

    3. I’m sorry but just because his son has the brains to get into Oxford, does not mean he hasn’t turned to alcohol or speeding.

      Perhaps you’re not familiar with students in the UK, but here they’re notorious for consuming alcohol and partying, Oxbridge students are definitely not exceptions.

      1. @teafulheart,
        That’s so true. Hopefully, there weren’t any cheating involved to gain all those A’s. And, now that the world knows who the youngster is, I’m sure the papz will be on his tail.

      2. Compared to trouble makers taking drugs and what nots his son is considered good enough. Not many celebrity children is such high achiever and you don’t get to be such a high achiever by getting wasted. So kudos to him and give him credit where it is due.

      3. But, if he is truly a hard-working studious good kid, then hats off to his mom for all her hard work and guidance in child-raising. And, great job, handsome young man.

      4. @Funn Lim

        Drugs are also common in high achieving universities.

        Perhaps I’m being negative and I’m not saying his son is/will be a drug user or alcoholic, but I feel there’s a common misconception on students attending Oxbridge or any other high achieving university. Conclusion, one’s knowledge and intelligence does not necessarily correlate with what is deemed as a “perfect” lifestyle.

      5. So true especially ones from well-off background, a lot of them don’t appreciate the fact they’ve got into uni in fact some don’t even bother turning up for lectures.

      6. I don’t think Funn is ignorant about the use of drugs in certain social situations or whatever. I think she’s just talking about where the celebrity’s kid isn’t solely a high drug user, substance abuser and only doing okay in life or living off of their parents’ fame whichever comes first. And that Alan’s kid, even IF he does those things above, he at least achieved something? In this situation…high-level education.

      7. tearfulheart, drugs are common everywhere, not just university. At least a druggie academic rather than a druggie useless bum who needs benefits.

    4. b/c he wasn’t giving a lot of attention like other star’s kid…

  2. @teafulheart,
    That’s so true. Hopefully, there weren’t any cheating involved to gain all those A’s. And, now that the world knows who the youngster is, I’m sure the papz will be on his tail.

  3. not for nothing… Holding 200 million dollars in assets… who cares about the threat or not if Sally already didn’t forbid it from the beginning….

    1. I prefer to think this as how the Emperors of ancient times rewarded their mistresses who bore sons to kings … haizzzz … I thought this is a modern world! And Sally, I won’t judge you. You have your reasons. It must be hard to share husband with another woman. DAMNED!

  4. his case is different. He didn’t have a child. Otherwise if he had his own children with the actual wife , I assume he will probably pull a JACKIE CHAN.

    1. That’s true too. But, didn’t Jackie Chan’s mistress have a daughter?

      1. Poor kid. With luck, what comes around, goes around. Hopefully, kids like these will make a big name for themselves. 🙂

  5. Well, at least it’s not drama for your mama.

    Jackie Chan need to step up and take care of his daughter.

  6. Getting into Oxford is not easy. They interview and ask you serching questions and will soon find out if you are a fake. Achieving 12 A’s is actually only the beginning of things as you must do your Highers and even then with your A’s and Stars you may not still not be admitted. Anyway I wish the handsome young man all the best in Oxbridge.

  7. I’m confused. How does 12 a’s at GCSE mean he’s going to oxford?! Where’s the part talking about his a level / IB / hkdse grades?
    Or have I misread this article…..

    1. Not sure how things work in England/Oxford but sounds like GCSE is equivalent to high school diploma? So, he may have already passed college entrance exams (not mentioned)? Those prestigious ivy-league type universities love to accept kids of celebrities anyways. So, easy breezy.

      1. GSCE can be O-level (high school) or A-level (college). If his results is great for O-level, he can jump to university. Matriculation is one way. Since he is 18, I will say O-level. A-level needs 2 years?

      2. “Those prestigious ivy-league type universities love to accept kids of celebrities anyways. So, easy breezy.”

        Please don’t diminish his effort. He got straight As. He entered on merit. Alan Tam is not famous in England. Why put down this young man’s fantastic achievement?

      3. Who’s putting down his achievements? Just saying under the circumstances (good scores, celebrity connections, etc.).

      4. You’d most likely need 4/5 A-levels at A or A star (why the crap is the asterix censored?) to even get an interview at Oxbridge. (But like someone mentioned, they’re predicted grades at this point, so perhaps the article didn’t bother mentioning it or finding it out.)

        In the UK, you’d usually need UCAS points for university, gained from further qualifications, i.e. A-levels, BTECs. GCSEs tend to only come in handy as some courses require you have to C grade or above in Maths and English. GCSE’s alone will not gain you entry to uni…

        This is how the structure currently works for us domestic students. Not sure about international students.

      5. Ha! Prince Edward went to Cambridge. Despite getting middling grades (I thinks C’s or D’s).

      6. Prince Edward is PRINCE. His name is already in the list before he was born.

      7. Heheh. As his father, Prince Philip, quipped, “What a friend we have in Jesus”.

      8. GCSE you study at 15-16 in the UK, if you wish to pursue higher education normally you will follow with A-Levels or IB to get into university. 12 GCSEs with A grades will not get you into any university.

        O Level was the old qualification now defunct and replaced with GCSE.

    2. He is 18 now / miss out , probably he is doing his HKds but result will be only out in Jan, yes he can enrol thru his mock exam result together with his GCSE for interview. ..

  8. “Alan and Wendy’s love blossomed”

    I really lol-ed at this part. Is that some lame justification for their affair? Cheap dog man and woman!

    1. Yep, I know how you feel. Affairs are difficult to accept but I guess Alan “must” keep good relations with the baby-mama if he wants to have a relationship with his son. Otherwise, she may just cut off all ties.

      1. I doubt it is affair. It is officially 1st wife and 2nd wife although he probably didn’t marry the 2nd wife since he can’t. But I see him as a man having 2 wives.

      2. no matter how you justify, they are an adulterous pair 奸夫淫妇 disgusting to the core. Don’t tell me crap that the wife doesnt mind cos she couldnt bear children. No woman can stand to share her man. Basically she had no choice but to say that. that’s just damage control.

      3. I am not justifying. I am saying even if this is legalised polygamy, no wife will want to share her husband. That being said they had been in this situation for 2 decades or so. If the wife is unhappy, the time for that has long gone. She accepted the other woman because she wanted Alan to have a child. However disgusting, the wife is living her life as dignified as she could. What damage control? If she doesn’t like she could leave. She didn’t and so she accepted; reluctantly but point is she accepted. Who are we to question this arrangement?

      4. She prob has her reasons for accepting this arrangement, we’ll never know. Maybe she truly loved this scumbag to put up with his infidelity. Btw, I’m referring to damage control for his career and reputation not their marriage.

        “She accepted the other woman because she wanted Alan to have a child” , no i dont agree. Rather, i think she “accepted” the other woman as she was already with child. The deed was already done whether she agreed to it or not. When i think of how people refer to this cheating scumbag as Principal Tam, I want to puke a la Rachel in BK.

      1. Yep, that’s true, there are other better/less complicated ways (without an affair) to have a child.

    2. At least he is truthful to her and his son whereas some men just go and have affairs after affairs and not accept their mistakes. Some don’t even take up responsibility. Jackie Chan is one example there.

  9. I think the offspring of the third party women are always more motivated and freer and more relaxed to excel – look at Stanley Ho’s fourth wife’s son, Kenny Bee’s second daughter and now this.

    Chinese dudes are fekekt in this generous but still emotionally damaging way – man, that is messed up. All the trauma is borne by the first edition kids and wife.

    It’s like that sudsy “Heirs” that just finished heiring in Korea where the older brother is accurately depicted as being totally messed with by his father’s shenanigans.

    if my dad came back to life and did this to my brother and mother, I’d beat him – I’d trick him into coming over for dinner and I’d BEAT him with a stick. I wouldn’t discuss it with him or scold him, I’d just beat him. that would be my gift to my little brother – the memory that I beat his father for not having any loyalty or consideration because the needy vulnerable first edition child will fear offending the rejecting father. It betrays the first edition of children.

    For a childless wife, it blows but it’s not the same albeit it is callously being used which historically does not sit well in Hong Kong hence all the generous payouts and nondivorces.

    1. ‘It’s like that sudsy “Heirs that just finished HEIRING in Korea…” ‘

      Good job Cleo, good job (Y) 😀 your comment makes me laugh

  10. if this story is true and Alan Tam has been BOUND by his family man, goody goody Runner image – it must be TORTURE

    I mean who wouldn’t want to be Aaron Kwok instead!

    if you’re not actually in love with your baby mama, then you must be sick of her by now and the only good thing in your life is that your kid got into Oxford but you yourself – your fraidy cat self – are not using your giant wealth to be honest in pursuing pleasure

    I would have dumped both of them – and kept half of the money since it seems Wendy is legally allowed half of it.

    I would WALK.

    Aaron Kwok – his life choices must have so many family man celebs GAGGING.

  11. because Aaron Kwok is honest – he dates who he desires MOST hence supermodels and twenty somethings whereas Kenny Bee and Alan Tam ends up with plain janes near at hand!!!!!

  12. Give the young man some credits here. For goodness sake he got into Oxford, he must have worked really hard to be able to get accepted there. So don’t be haters and just discredit all his hard earned efforts.

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