Alan Tam’s Wife to Become a Nun; Mistress Will Manage Alan’s $1 Billion HKD Assets?

Cantopop singer, Alan Tam (譚詠麟), has led a successful career in the entertainment industry and amassed a $1 billion HKD fortune. Though married to Sally Yeung (楊潔薇) for 30 years, the couple led separate lives after Alan became involved with mistress, Wendy Chu (朱咏婷). As Sally retreats into an increasingly isolated life at a local Buddhist temple, her marriage with Alan may finally come to an end.

Sally is known for her investment acumen, helping Alan grow his total assets to over $1 billion HKD. Besides investing in restaurants, bars, and the gemstone industry, Alan also owns ten luxurious properties in Hong Kong. Despite her unwavering loyalty, Sally was unable to conceive children. This prompted Alan to become involved with Wendy, who gave birth to Alan’s only child, Tam Hiu Fung (譚曉風).

Sally Requests for Divorce

As Alan has led a separate family life with Wendy for 20 years, Sally became broken-hearted and found solace through her devoted studies in Buddhism. Residing at a local Buddhist temple for years, the couple rarely speaks to each other.

An insider revealed, “The feelings Alan has for Sally are more of gratitude than romantic love. Alan feels that he has wronged Sally. That is why after so many years, Alan still allows Sally to have primary control over his assets.” Sally continued to help Alan invest his money, leading to a steady increase in the value of his assets.

After struggling for years, Sally finally wants to let go of her ties to Alan and file for divorce. With intentions of becoming a nun, Sally is expected to transfer Alan’s assets back to his control.

Wendy Will Manage Alan’s Finances

Although Alan continues to have high earning power, he does not manage his financial assets well. It is speculated that Alan will instead have Wendy manage his finances. The insider further revealed, “Wendy knew that sooner or later, Sally will follow through with her intentions of becoming a nun. She knows that she will eventually become the legitimate Mrs. Tam.”

Wendy has since been reported to be taking accounting lessons to prepare for her role as financial manager.

Alan Does Not Want Son to Join Entertainment Industry

Although Tam Hiu Fung inherited his father’s musical talents, Alan is hesitant on allowing his son to join the entertainment industry. Fearing the pressure of second-generation celebrities, Alan instead sent his son to study in England. The insider shared that not only is Tam Hiu Fung musically talented, he is also smart and filial. “Alan’s assets will eventually be under [Wendy andTam Hiu Fung]. As long as they are not spendthrift, it should be enough to take care of them for the rest of their lives.”

Alan Denounces Tabloid Report

Alan reacted strongly to the tabloid’s claims over his family life. Stating that the tabloid did not confirm any details prior to the publication of the news, Alan denounced the gossip in impacting his family, friends, and fans. He will follow up with legal action over the tabloid’s false report.

Note: This article was updated on January 9, 2015 at 1:10 p.m. to include Alan Tam’s response that the rumors are completely false.


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  1. Of course hkd1bilion is enough. Anyway what a woman. Either alan is the luckiest man or sally the most unfortunate. He is let off too lightly.

    1. LMFAO what kind of women are you? One billion dollars doesn’t satisfy you. It been 20 years he cheated once before to have a kid and now he a changed man and giving her 1billion to invest. What more can she ask for. “He is let off too lightly” had me rofl!

      1. but she isnt married him for the money but for love and i think alan never gave her the love she deserved.ok she may manage his whole wealth for investment, but does this make her happy? i dont think so,otherwise she wouldnt wish to become a my opinion she loves him too deep,and he is not.obviously the wish to have a kid is more important than to keep his loyalty to his wife.

  2. >>> That is why after so many years, Alan still *allows* Sally to have primary control over his assets.” Sally continued to help Alan invest his money, leading to a steady increase in the value of his assets.

    Why are such stories so sad, and predictab;e? (same for Alvin Chau)

    THe first wife who went through the first hardships of nothing … then supported and helped is not the one reaping the benefits.

    I find this patronisingly offensive.
    He “allowed” her to manage his finances? Hullo, it was NO loss to him but it was free labour for her = Shirley is so good at at investing and managing … he got 10 properties to show for it.

    Compared to his mistress Wendy who bore him his precious son heading to Oxford = someone who has now to take accounting classes! Good luck to him.

    The family should go down on their knees to thank Shirley for doing such a wonderful job with managing the money all these years.

    Money comes, Money goes … Alan Tam isn’t that ‘hot’ a star with unlimited earning power. If badly managed, no amount of money could have stayed or grown.

    Stories like that makes me stop believing in karma. Doing kind or good things doesn’t mean it will come back to you.

    1. ” Shirley is so good at at investing and managing … he got 10 properties to show for it.”

      um her name is Sally, where is Shirley coming from?

  3. Its a generation thing, in Alan Tam’s days having two wives was not uncommon, and some of the older generation still practice this.
    But agree he is a very lucky man, to have two women so dedicated to him.

    1. i don’t think alan and his mistress are married otherwise she wouldn’t be called mistress but wife #2

      1. Alan can’t marry Wendy without divorcing Sally as HK laws forbid polygamy. But Wendy is widely known as the 2nd wife, rather than as a mistress.

  4. billion$ net worth and alan tam still hustles like if he just debuted…respect…he deserves everthing he has and is a real role model.

  5. If the numbers were accurate, then Alan Tam with his US$130 Million (HK$1 billion) net worth would be wealthier than both Jacky Chan (US$86 Million) and Andy Lau (US$50 Million).

    In fact, Tam would be the wealthiest HK celeb. The only question is can these number be trusted?

    1. it does seem ridiculous that alan tam would be wealthier than jackie chan, an international superstar. I’m guessing that the writer unintentionally added an extra zero or something. (100 million HKD seems more accurate)

    2. All these writers are either ignorant of numbers or are exaggerating extraordinaire.

      Alan tam can not have earned US$130 million, his hey days in the 80s and 90s don’t command so much, unless Sally is so good at investing.

      But investing alone without more earnings from Alan or going into business ventures can’t go far either.

      I take it with a pinch of salt.

      1. If alan convert to muslim, he can have four official wife

      2. Alan Tam’s net worth was estimated based on the market value of his ten luxury properties in Hong Kong.

  6. Is having a son to carry your name that important? Sally is one devoted woman.

    1. of course…men would want to have a child to continue the family name.
      I do pity Alan’s wife. she is so loyal and because she cannot conceive, alan found a woman to bear him a child.

      1. Men who love their wives don’t commit adultery even if it were for a “legitimate” reason like this. AT is just a cheating son of a female d-og, Nothing more low-life than a man who cheats and tries to justify. His wife shoud divorce him, get half his fortune (which she helped build btw) and donate it to charity.

      2. Yep, or build her own shelter for abused women and orphans with her half of the $$$$. Better than letting it all go to some baby-making machine (and the baby) who didn’t earn the $$$$.

      3. Sally Yeung (楊潔薇) is waaay too shortsighted. She will need money for her own elder years (medical bills, hospital bills, etc.). She may not have health issues now but who knows about the future? She should definitely not give up her half so soon/easily. She can always give a little by little later while still growing her half.

  7. Another scum. Wife need to asked half of his fortune. Nvr liked AT. He is not that good looking nor sing well or act well. He just lucky to be famous.

  8. I think wanting to have a son was just an excuse. If you really have love in your heart you wouldn’t ‘keep’ a woman just for that. What if she too couldn’t bear a child?

    1. Totally agree!!

      And, Sally Yeung (楊潔薇) is cuckoo.

      Boycott old fat dog Alan Tam (譚詠麟).

  9. That Wendy lady sure is lucky; get to have both the man and the money. Life is so unfair lol

    1. MRS tam helped build his fortune…what alan tam has today is his wife’s efforts…yet now she is giving up everything to let this 小三 manage. so pathetic, even has to take a course to learn how to manage.

  10. Poor Shirley. She got short-changed big time. It’s sad how first wives who ba.

    Poor Shirley. Greatly short-changed, in the whole deal.

    He “allowed” Shirley to handle his money?
    The entire family should go down on their knees to thank Shirley bigtime for her astute management and investments to make his money grow so much.

    Money comes and money goes. Earning power (and Mr Tam is nowhere in hot popular range) does not guarantee that wealth. It was clever management and investing.

    Good luck to him with Wendy managing it.
    So she’s studying basic accounting courses now? Revealing of who has been manning the fort, while other people were relaxing and enjoying themselves.

    1. He could have gone all out to try to have a child with sally. In this modern times there are many ways to do it. Technology is available. Its all about cost and he has tons of it. Its just an excuse to get another woman. He did not try his best.

      1. Yes, just her egg and his sperm, go to hospital to extract, then hire other lady to carry their child. Just an excuse, cannot accept. So pity for her! Having mistress then saying because she cannot have child, it’s like to pour all the error on her publicly, what kind of man! How can she bear all this pressure, so she has to find peace in buddha

      2. It is all just a poor excuse for him to have an open affair while playing the “good husband” by letting his wife manage his finances and not divorcing her.

        Even if they cannot conceive naturally, they can use a surrogate or even adopt. Alan is such a jerk to Sally. It might be a good excuse for someone in the 1830’s when continuing the bloodline was most important, but certainly not in modern times.

        Alan’s around the same age as my dad. But my dad never went around to have an affair because my mum didn’t bear any sons. It is all just silly words to justify his infidelity whilst pushing the blame on his wife as she is barren. Sally is such a tragic woman. But I glad that she is leaving him and has found her peace.

        BTW, why does he need Wendy to manage his money? Surely he can afford to pay for an experienced finance manager rather than a mistress who did accounting courses!

  11. Andy Lau and Jackie Chan must have a bigger wealth than the mentioned ones. Stephen Chow must be the richest entertainer in HKG I guess. Having a lot of valuable real estate.

  12. Feel sad for Sally Yeung. Alan Tam may not have such wealth if not for his wife’s smart investments. Not all the 1st wife is so forgiving and nice. I wish her well and happiness.

  13. Feel sad for Sally Yeung. Alan Tam may not have such wealth if not for his wife’s smart investments. Not all the 1st wife is so forgiving and nice. I wish her well and happiness.

  14. Feel sad for Sally Yeung. Alan Tam may not have such wealth if not for his wife’s smart investments. Not all the 1st wife is so forgiving and nice. I wish her well and happiness.

  15. Feel sad for Sally Yeung. Alan Tam may not have such wealth if not for his wife’s smart investments. Not all the 1st wife is so forgiving and nice. I wish her well and happiness.

  16. She should get at least half of his assets in the divorce and donate them to charity. Silly woman.
    As for that scumbag and homewrecker……

  17. Seems like he took advantage of her forgiving Buddhist nature since she doesnt sound like the angry vengeful wife that most women would be if they found out their husband did that.
    Shame on him.
    I support her taking half his fortune and building a huge temple to retire in, or donating to an abused women’s shelter.
    Either way it goes to a better cause than his “other” family who did nothing to earn it.
    It was her hard work that made that money, not him.

    1. TOTALLY!Well said.

      That temple would be to a better cause too. Sue him for her half of the hard work.

      He’s happy with Wendy for producing that son that scored 12As for Oxford – the same wife who has to go take accounting courses now, to take over.

      Yet he “allows” her to control his finances and does not communicate with this his amazing financial manager (aka known as his first wife) who’s been doing the job so well all these yrs?

      What a douche.

      Whatever happened to karma? It doesn’t work.

      1. Karma doesn’t work this way. Perhaps Sally owes him in her last life and is now settling her ‘bill’ so that she is free of him in her next life. Otherwise, Alan is going to owe her in her next.
        You have to believe karma works, if not now, then next life.
        What is more important is Sally is finally letting go of all her feelings for him and now can find peace. What is the point of holding onto all these feelings? It only gives you pain, health problems like cancer, heart attacks, etc..
        If Wendy thinks a basic course of accounting can equip her to manage HKD1billion assets, I can only say there should be a lot more millionaires out there.

  18. Wow..all this hate towards AT…he is lucky to have Sally true…but Sally is the really lucky one in this equation. She could have married some nobody and still be dumped for being barren. In most societies a barren woman is worthless…almost as bad as a husband who cannot provide for his family.

    1. What did Shirley get out of the entire equation?

      Her life in the nunnery?

      Read between the lines
      1) They got married in Vegas, and only officially got married AFTER Shirley’s dad died = what does that say?
      For whatever reason, dad didn’t trust Alan. She sacrificed for an non-established singer at that time. Did she know that nobody (ok so he was part of Wynners but hardly Heavenly King status, nor able to command that amt of money)

      2) Money comes, money goes. Earning power does not guarantee anything, and Alan is hardly ‘hot’ or talented enough to command huge earning power. He’s got good PR skills yes and always remains amicable with everything, but he is not Jacky Cheung status.

      3) Shirley was a fantastic daughter in law who looked after his parents while he was on the road.

      4) She managed his behind the scenes details, for all Alan’s concerts.

      As the saying goes … behind every successful man, there is a capable woman. Be it his mother or his partner. That able multi-tasking astute financier in this case, was Shirley.

      As a modern feminist,. I say sue for her highly justified half, and build that luxury temple if she is going to spend the rest of her life there.
      What does it tell you? She’s so tired and jaded with real life and the ugly people in it.

      People who seemingly can’t even appreciate her quiet sacrificng contributions.

      1. I have to say after reading your points…still sounds pretty good what she got out of it. She was not a model or beauty queen…tons of women would gladly take her place to do all those things for AT…but she was the one who won the prize of becoming the wife of the superstar. Becoming a nun was her own choice…probably good idea since no other man would want her at her age. That is unfair for old women compared to old men…but what can you do…its the law of nature…no species on earth prefer old sterile women over young furtile girls.

      2. “since no other man would want her at her age”

        Yep, but that doesn’t stop ~60-yo women (old enough to be grandmas) from “shamelessly” going out to clubs to man-chase so that their fast approaching retirement can be financially secure. 🙂

        And, they are the two-faced, backstabbing, scheming, controlling, “aggressive” types who bark orders at men.

        Which fool would fall for that?

      3. >>>~60-yo women (old enough to be grandmas) from “shamelessly” going out to clubs to man-chase so that their fast approaching retirement can be financially secure …

        This isn’t relevant to Shirley though.

        She’s seeking her peace (and disillusion) in a nunnery.
        By all means retire with peace of mind into serenity. But at least take her more than justified fair share of the assets and build a comfortable nunnery, plus enhance that nunnery financially with donations.

        At that, we don’t know if quiet Shirley does not have substantial money herself to start off with. She seems wiser than the ever-smiling, SEEMINGLY amicable Alan.

        Better cause methinks, then Wendy and her son reaping the cushy benefits of Shirley’s sacrifices and hard work, with Alan claiming financial credit.

      4. “This isn’t relevant to Sally though.”

        Of course not Sally.

  19. As a Buddhist and about to become a nun, Sally is not going to ask for any assets in her divorce. Alan may give but he isnt known to be a generous person.
    I am happy for Sally that she has accepted she has served her karma to him and is now ready to move onto the next stage of her life, without all these entanglements. I hope she has a long and peaceful life, filled with serenity and happiness.

    1. It’s probably also with disillusionment with mankind.

      After contributing so loyally and quietly behind the scenes. And (I am guessing), going against her father to get married in Vegas to Alan Tam. Bec it was only after her dad’s death that they officially got married in HK.

      Even without retiring totally into that nunnery, Shirley probably woke up and found her peace a long time ago. And she had no choice but to make peace with the situation – the dude went behind her back, and already got Wendy preggie.
      It’s been ages since Alan found justifications for Wendy – if Shirley hadn’t made mental peace, she have gone slowly crazy dealing with the family.

  20. I’ve lost whatever respect for Alan Tam…and feel so sad for the loyal wife who built up his fortune.
    Read before that his wife is a vegetarian.

  21. Doesn’t mean she has to give up half her money! She can be a rich nun!

    1. Doubt that old fat dog/死肥狗 Alan Tam will let Sally have her half without a serious fight.

  22. I don’t know why people like his songs. He is definitely hold a C+ compare to Jacky Cheung with A+. Alan Tam is a shame!

    1. Hey, I always liked Leslie more than Alan back then, even before I found that Alan was a jerk. I even liked Kenny Bee more than Alan. But everyone else was crazy about Alan back then. He does give a good atmosphere at concerts and his songs were nice. However, I think his voice is not as awesome as Anita, Leslie or Jacky. I guess he had the X factor and good connections.

      1. With you.
        My mom was a fan of singing pianist Chelsea Chan who used to sing with them, and as a kid I was always dragged along to watch Wynners movie re-runs. Chelsea was always paired off with Kenny, not Alan … before she got married off to Japan.

        Anyhow, I was more a Kenny B supporter than Alan Tam even for Wynners/soloists back then. His voice also had a more interesting timbre. Alan’s voice was more run of the mill but if recall correctly – Alan is the most educated of the lot (he was sent to Singapore for polytecnic studies).

        Someone always beaming (Alan) doesn’t do it for me either.
        But I was never a Wynners/Kenny B fan overall, even after I was interested in stars myself.

        I couldn’t understand the Alan Tam magic. As an international student, all my Hk-Cdn roomates and classmates were Alan fans. Even the Cantonese- speaking M’sian ones.

        Priscilla Chan was another I didn’t like – she seemed pretentiously trying to hard to sell ‘pure’.

        Alan Tam was eventually hailed as Principal Tam (just like Jackie Chan is Big Brother). Either HK is shortsighted or money/clout wins over anything.
        Alan is skilled in PR – he never offends anyone (unlike good pals Eric or Nat who are way more outspoken ) … is always smiling and beaming; a probable reason Alan maintains good PR and great popularity with everyone around him.

        LESLIE: is just a versatile, talented class act of his own (be it acting, or singing).

  23. I honestly advice her to divorce him and take half of assets, whether the article is correct or not it doesn’t matter. The truth is still the truth, he had mistress and son,

  24. I honestly advice her to divorce him and take half of assets, whether the article is correct or not it doesn’t matter. The truth is still the truth, he had mistress and son, and he’s staying with mistress and son, it means he doesn’t love her anymore. His strong reaction to article maybe because he’s afraid that she might follow people’s advice and request half of the assets on divorcing because many people advice that to her. She has talent on investing, investing is her source of spirit, so just don’t give it up, because if she give up her favorite work, she will be down very fast, her health surely goes down very fast, later she can give back the assets to the mistress’ son if she wants but not now. I also advice her to go to exercise, have fun on excercise to improve her spirit and health. Join some social activities, she might meet some men who already has children (no need children more) and divorced, and need a good wife/girlfriend/friend that can understand and share some happiness or sadness together, life always has chance, no need a superstar, just an ordinary person is enough. If she still has period then there’s still having chance for her to have biological child, sperm are a lot in the sperm bank 😀 . And if she’s vegeterian, it will be difficult to conceive, because vegi doesn’t provide enough kinds of neccessary protein, anyway we’re animals, not tree, so even though we don’t want to kill other animals but we really need meat. Wish her happiness and good health from bottom of my heart !

    1. I think she stopped being angry many years ago and made peace with herself and her family. For better or for worse alan never divorced her and some women are contented with that. Now she is ready to cut ties and move on and i say good for her. Not all relationships cn be solved by divorce and take half the assets. Being a nun means not taking any possession with her including money hatred love people. Let her be and let him be. It happened so many years ago and any opportunity to hate or leave him has passed. Good for all of them. Perhaps it isnt fair to her but it isnt fair to the mistress who is practically his wife and his son and himself.

    2. Totally Agree. If Alan has such a wonderful earning power himself – then in the future ahead, he can just use his half of the assets and his own efforts to support his family/son/parents.
      And hope Wendy AFTER her accounting classes, can raise his half back up to its former glory under Shirley.

      Shirley can just use her justified half of the money for a better more worthy cause – animals, orphans, abused women and children, single parent families etc etc etc. NOT fund Alan’s family holidays.

      It’s paradoxical that Shirley a shrewd financial investor and yet also seeks zen peace at the same time.
      If you think about it, investing is solitary though. Even more so when it’s remote or internet trading.

      It is not quite like doing business where you DO have to leech off people’s misery or step on others’ toes to get your gain.

      Buddhist with its zen philosophy is probably the most peaceful option for her.
      She’s probably experienced enough of mankind and all its failings (greed, competition, one-upmanship, fakeness, superficiality, gossip etc) and just want to stay away.

      Getting into a relationship comes with its own risk, and tiresome complications once you get hitched.
      Dating may be fun, a long term relationship/live-in commitment with expectations is not. And it may not mean peace of mind/emotiona. Relationship baggage comes with effort,compromise and sacrifices = having done so much for Alan and his family, maybe she just wants to live in peace for herself.

    3. From what I understand, the way calling his assets and she is the person managing/investing his assets shows how much calculative he is, while assets should be their common assets. His career is not glorious as Jackie Chan or Andy Lau, but his assets are much more from others’ comments, so where are assets grown from. If you’ve learnt about materials, where it comes from, you will know it comes from people’s labour, her labour creates added values, so it absolutely not his assets, but his and her assets

  25. The fact is…Alan tam has a mistress and a son.
    legitimate Mrs Tam has been tolerating this for years.

  26. it’s weird that some people commits so much into buddhism and backs out from everything else. Its like… suddenly, the sole purpose in life is to worship and pray. Nothing else matters. I have a relative who is also like that and it is scary when she tries to brainwash me (the extreme hardcore way) I feel like it’s a cult.

    1. >>> backing out from everything else

      IF she has no responsibilities like aging parents, kids etc … what is “backing out fr everything else”?

      She wants a simpler life, one of simplicity that is without the failinsg of humankind:

      greed which also drives materialism, lies and backstabbing, hidden agendas, insincere fakeness and superficiality (even more in the entertainment industry), ass-kissing, one upmanship and competition, etc etc etc

      What’s so wrong with that? Esp in the HK (ent) culture, where money, power and clout seems so top priority = so much so douche bags like Jackie Chan and Alan Tam are hailed as Big Brother and Principal respectively, based on successes and achievements, and how much other outside businesses they own.
      No matter how both don’t exactly practise what they preach even as they hailed as mentors and models.
      Character ethics, and values? What is that = is it worth money?!?

      Joey Wong supposedly did the same once upon a time = when she looked back upon that life she had with movie mogul-tycoon Peter Lin Jin-yue 林建岳, son of ATV boss.
      Maybe it’s a been there, done that disenchantment with people and the rat-race treadmill of life.
      If you don’t have it … you will always keep climbing and wanting to thrive-compete.
      Maybe stuff-priorities which were once held as all so important as dear, became insignificant once that peak was reach or having climbed higher to another spot and realising it’s not so rosy up there/how meaninglessly fake it is.

      Cynicism and disillusion sets in.

      Not hard to understand.
      When some people have had their 3rd eye opened, they actually crave the simple basics in life which have become so lost.

      Peace of mind and soul, simplicity and serenity awaits her in the nunnery (unless there is human politics there too … who knows? I met a priest who knew the current sq footage prices of prime real estate properties in SG).

    2. I don’t support the idea of only doing worship, pray, too. I can suggest when I was sad, I went to learn cooking, cake decoration (where I know how to make cake/cream too), create flowers from carrot, tomato, cucumber, dancing, exercising (yoga, taichi, swimming), reading news (sickness, disease, health care, economics, terrorist, technology, scandal), make-up, nail decoration, foreign languages, even programming and accounting, generally everyday I’m busy, this makes me having less time to be sad. I feel lonely, tired if I don’t have anything to do or I have to do same thing everyday. I learn for fun only, afthat I forget everything. Doing charity is also fun, weekdays I work, so weekends can go out, during short time of weekends having to go many remote areas, almost not sleep enough, really tired, a fun experience. If she can join some of above activities, wow, she will feel happy, staying alone also has its own fun, can do whatever one wants to do

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